We May Not Live Forever, But Love Can Be More Powerful Than Death

Let this be a reminder that every day is a gift and we should treasure the moments we have with our loved ones because they will not be around forever.

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Alright ladies, time to break out that box of tissues, here’s a beautiful moment that’s going to have you dabbing sweaty eyes. Laura (93) is making peace with her final days in a hospice and Howard (92), Laura’s husband of 73 years, visits to sing his wife a special song. Their love is strong enough to give them each strength to embrace and kiss one last time.

Laura and Howard fell deeply in love the first day they met, and you can still see the strength of that love when Howard rises to stand by his wife’s bedside, even though he can’t stand on his own, just so he can look at her and hold her hand while he sings to her. The song, “You’ll never know” sung by Rosemary Clooney and Harry James is the couple’s favorite song. It was the song that helped them get through the long separation when Howard was fighting overseas in WWII and they sang the duet at their 50th anniversary. Even though Laura can’t sing with Howard, she listens to him attentively as he sings to her.

Erin Solari, the couple’s granddaughter caught the beautiful moment and knew she had to share it. She posted it on her Youtube channel and it immediately went viral the first week. The powerful message of love, life, and death has touched millions of people who have in turn reached out to the family, helping them accept the situation and enabling them to enjoy each precious moment they have together. The outpouring of love has even strengthened Laura who was deemed well enough to return home to her husband where she is resting peacefully. Love truly is powerful.

Photo/vídeo vía Erin Solari Youtube


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