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  • The Viral Groomsmen Dancing Video is Surprisingly Good: Don't believe us just watch!

The Viral Groomsmen Dancing Video is Surprisingly Good: Don't believe us just watch!

Months of secret preparation and bam! the perfect surprise dance to trump all surprise wedding dances.

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Valerie Tellman is a professional ballerina in the Richmond Ballet and her husband-to-be, Kirk Henning, is also a professional dancer, so when it came time to wow the bride, the groom had prepared a surprise dance routine with the help of his groomsmen to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and “(You Drive Me) Crazy” by Britney Spears for 8 gloriously choreographed minutes.

Valerie and Kirk were married in a religious ceremony on July 25th at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and had their reception at the theater CenterStage in Richmond, Virginia – the same stage, romantically enough, that they’ve performed on as dancers. This time, however, the groom and his groomsmen stole the show and the bride was treated to a show.

The bride admits that at the beginning of their wedding preparations she’d asked Kirk to do a dance for the guests but he refused, saying he was too busy with studies. Valerie left it at that, however, what she didn’t know is that her fiancé had spent months sending video tutorials to his groomsmen planning the choreography to perfection because, the grooms says, “I knew how important it was for her.”

Photographer Ginger Topham captured Valerie’s look of surprise and happiness perfectly and the rest is viral history – within minutes the video had over 165,000 views. We promise this will bring a smile to your face!

Credits: film by Ginger Topham – Chic Wedding day filmsYoutube Channel. 

featured image by Mike Topham Photography

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