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The Pursuit of Unfailing Love: Quadriplegic Man Dances with Wife for the First Time 2 Years After Marriage

Against all odds, this couple find a way to fight for love, life, and happiness.

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In the words of Lauren and Joel Jackson, “Love isn’t knowing to not give up. It’s deciding not to give up, ahead of time.” The maxim defines their unlikely and tremendous story. The two met 11 years ago and though Luaren was interested in Joel, they remained friends. It wasn’t until after Joel suffered from a car accident that nearly took his life that the two reconnected. The crash was so bad that the paramedics were convinced that Joel was basically dead (his head had been severed from his spine internally), but Joel persevered against all odds and with the love of his family, friends and Lauren, has achieved the impossible.

The pair reconnected when Lauren went to visit her old crush in the hospital. That was in 2009. Four years later, the two lovers said “I do” to the cheers of their family and friends. That day, for their first dance, Lauren sat on Joel’s lap. Two years later, thanks to the advances he made in therapy, Joel was able to surprise his wife with a dance. Helped by a harness and the medical team, Joel was standing waiting to take his wife in his arms when she returned. They danced to “I’ll be” by Edwin McCain, which they also played at their wedding.

“It was one of those moments that take your breath away,” Lauren wrote on her blog. “I always wondered what [newlyweds] giggled and smiled about [during their first dance], what the conversation was about. Still to this day I find myself wondering what sweet words they are sharing in the that moment, but today, I got to relive that moment again with my groom. We shared our FIRST DANCE again this time on our feet!” Wanting to share the incredible moment that many didn’t think would happen, Lauren posted to video to Youtube.

Learn more about their incredible story and read up on how the couple is doing today on their blog.

Photo via Facebook / Video via Youtube

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