The Latest in Original Wedding Videos: Stop Motion!

This is one we bet we'll be seeing a lot of in the future.

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It’s become increasingly harder to make an original wedding, let alone an original wedding video that not just you and your SO, but your friends and family will enjoy watching again and again. The struggle is real.

Then we happened upon Italian photographer Lenny Pellico Photography. We’re sure that this stop-motion wedding video of Julia and Felix will go viral and will gain a lot of converts because it is one seriously cool idea. If any of you are fans of Wes Anderson’s “The Fantastic Mr Fox” or Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” then you have to check out this video. It’s a new take on the intimate moments of a wedding, and give one the sense that you’re watching a narrative.

For a Wes Anderson inspired wedding shoot, check out our gallery here.

Vídeo:  Lenny Pellico Photography. Foto portada: Shutterstock – Novios vídeo

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