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What started as a simple speech by the best man, quickly became a funny choreography performed by the groom, Ryan, and his groomsmen, specially made for the bride, Karley. The lovely moment was captured by  Boffo Videos.

The video is posted on the bride’s Youtube channel and it’s a gracefully representation of what every bride wants for the best man speech to be: sweet and caring, and in this particular case, really funny!

The laughter of those present and a very excited bride, are the result of a choreography designed to delight the guests while the groomsmen took the opportunity to be partakers of the wedding  and having a fabulous time.

At first it started as a simply speech from the best man on behalf of the groomsmen, that intend to crack a laugh out of the bride, with jokes about Karley finding an “unicorn” on Ryan and her new role on “taking care” of him, so they won’t have to and removing weight out of their back now that they don’t have the obligation to look after him, since he has found  his better half alongside her, and how happy they are for him, because he has found a tender, fabulous women to be his wife.

The choreography consists of a mash up of different songs chosen for this exact moment and steps executed excellently by some enthusiastic groomsmen, to thank Karley for having the nerve to invite Ryan out on a first date, and for been warm and lovely as always.

Don’t miss the video of this great performance and be inspired to have your fiancé and his groomsmen dancing on a beat! For more inspiration you can also watch:

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Vídeo: Karley Hall Youtube – Boffo Videos. Cover:  Shutterstock – Groomsmen

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