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The 6 Best Surprise Proposals on the Ellen Show

Looking for a little inspiration this proposal season? This will set the bar pretty high!

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Public proposals are truly an art, and if not done right, they can be an absolute disaster. If you’re planning on a public proposal or even an elaborate one, it pays to do a little bit of planning. Popping the question on the Ellen Show definitely takes lots of planning, but in the end, when it’s showtime, you never know what might happen and that’s what’s so amazing about watching it – the reactions are so genuine and unguarded and captured on television!

We’ve selected our favorite six proposals on the Ellen Show that made us laugh and cry tears of happiness.

A ‘Heads Up!’ Proposal

Jesse Tyler is so obsessed with Ellen that she sent letters on her behalf, but when she didn’t get tickets to the show, she sent letters on her boyfriend, Johnny King, and even grandma’s behalf. Little did Jesse know that Johnny was also sending letters, hoping to not only get Jesse a chance to advocate for the humane society she works at in San Diego, but also to get the opportunity propose through a show favorite, “Heads Up!”

A Surprise Staff Proposal 

When Ellen’s field producer, Aaron, wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Ellen’s wardrobe assistant, Jen, he decided to enlist Ellen’s help. They got together and planned an elaborate and romantic on-air engagement that will be sure to warm your heart.

A Proposal for Kirby

If you’re a fan of the Ellen Show then you’ve probably fallen in love with Kirby, the lovably enthusiastic teacher who was overwhelmed when Ellen surprised her with a new bookmobile to inspire kids to read. She was invited back to the show and got a surprise that nobody saw coming!

A Special Proposal 

Participating in the chance to win tickets to the Ellen Show, Andrea didn’t know just how special the experience would be until her boyfriend Josh gets down on one knee.

Exclusive! An Audience Proposal

After dating for a year, Benjamin and Justin knew that they had found their soul mate. Benjamin gave Justin a commitment ring when they were at the Ellen Show on one of their first dates. A year later, and Benjamin had a big announcement to make! Ellen gave them the stage after the show for their life changing moment.

A Surprise Valentine’s Day Proposal

In honor of Valentine’s Day Ellen says she’s launching a new segment called “Bad Paid-For Couple’s Photos.” In the middle of going through the photos, Ellen helps a viewer, Wendell (who has mysteriously disappeared to the bathroom), plan the perfect surprise proposal on the show. His girlfriend, Nina has no idea what’s in store, but we’re sure she’ll never forget this Valentine’s Day!

So are you inspired? What did you think of these proposals? Let us know in the comments below.

Video via Ellen Show Youtube Channel, Featured image via Shutterstock: picture of couple with wedding ring and gift box

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