Kyle + Nicole's Amazing Surprise Wedding Dance

It's your wedding day, no better day to shake it like you mean it!

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It’s increasingly common to find couples who want to do something very creative and unique for their first dance together as newlyweds. One way to do so is is to copy the steps to famous dance scenes from iconic movies like “Dirty Dancing” or “Footloose” or even do the “Jai Ho” from “Slumdog Millionaire.” There are so many great options. Or you can take the harder path, like this couple did and choreography your own dance!


Kyle and Nicole decided to do the later and spent months before their wedding practicing so that they would be able to pull off this amazing dance on their wedding  night. Definitely the best part is at 2:05 when a very special guest enters. The dance was recorded by JKS Productions.

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Video: JKS Productions Youtube. Image:  Novios bailando – SunKids Shutterstock

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