Jennifer & Solomon: an Enduring Love

Life doesn't always turn out like we planned, but in the face of despair, love always wins.

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Like any other couple, when Jennifer and Solomon got engaged they began to planning the perfect wedding and the rest of their lives together not knowing that the future would not be as they dreamed. Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter met in Canada in 2007 and in 2014 Solomon prepared a spectacular marriage proposal, organizing an event with balloons decorated dolphins (the bride’s favorite animal) and a flashmob a video. However, months before the planned date, Solomon was informed that he had liver cancer and although the operation to remove it was successful, the disease had taken hold of his body. The doctors told him that he had less than a year to live.

In light of the terrible news, friends and family of the couple decided to start a crowdfunding campaign so that they could raise the necessary funds to hold the wedding for the couple in two weeks. Thanks to donations, which reached more than $50,000, and the Liberty Entertainment Group, who, when they heard the story of this young couple, offered to organize the wedding in less than a week with more than 75 volunteers, employees and collaborators of various agencies,friends and family of the couple were able to surprise Jen and Solomon with a dream wedding.

The wedding took place at Casa Loma with 70 guests. It was a special moment for everyone who had helped to make this dream wedding come true.

Filmography team My Boundless Wedding and Red Earth Photography worked together to capture this beautiful wedding for two people in love. 

Sadly, Solomon succumbed to his disease in August 2015.

Feature image by Red Earth Photography

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