Here's How to Propose in the 21st Century: with a home-made video game about your relationship

Once you beat the final boss you get a diamond ring!

  • The proposal

Technology has really up-ed the “game” (pardon the pun) in terms of marriage proposals as you’ll see in the video above. As much as we love the traditional proposal with the man down on one knee with a ring in his hand, a bouquet of roses and cooled champagne on the side, it’s been a while since it was original.

So, Austin Piech decided to make a video game.

He and his girlfriend Lauren Woodrick both love video games and play together in their spare time, so Austin thought it would be a perfect way to propose. It took him over 100 hours using the platform Stencyl to create the Super Mario-inspired game.

He based each level on a special point in the relationship: their first date, their first holiday together, when Lauren first met his family etc. At the final level Lauren had to jump over mariachi bands serenading her with the same song Austin’s grandfather proposed to his grandmother with, combining both the past and the present beautifully. After she wins, an avatar of Austin appears, telling her how much he loves her and how special it feels to have her in his life. The real Austin then reached behind the computer where the ring was hiding the whole time and asks Lauren, “will you marry me?”

For more of this awesome couple, check out their blog on Tumblr. For more pictures of the proposal, you can go to Imgur album created by Austin:

Photo/Video via: LA Pike

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