Flipbook Proposals

Unique, creative, and a great keepsake! Flipbook are a wonderful way to pop the big question!

  • After the wedding

How adorable are flipbook proposals? These maybe the cutest ways to propose we’ve seen (aside from a puppy proposal, of course). Not only do you get a ring but a little souvenir of the moment and your story, too!


Flipbooks those small books that give the illusion of animation when the pages are flipped quickly. “Think of it as real life handheld cartoon movie,” says Ben, owner and creator of The flippist. If you’ve been looking for an original way to propose, look no further – not only are these flipbooks 100% personal, but they are also 100% handmade by Ben!

The couple first met in India, but lost touch for 14 years, before they met again in Chicago. The clouds include some written personal memories in them and the whole thing ends with a proposal scene taking place inside of a traditional Indian flatbread called a roti.

Aidan wanted to propose to his girlfriend Maria using a flipbook. The change of perspective on the bike is truly amazing.

Now this is amazing, the end of the flipbook contains the actual ring! Sections of the flipbook were cut out to create a secret compartment for the engagement ring to hide in.

This flipbook shows some pitstops (the Gagosian Gallery, The Highline walkway and 10th Ave Square) of the date in New York before the big question was popped.

The couple met on the dating app Tinder.

This couple fell in love a bit later in life. They met online, began a long distance relationship, and got married in the same bar where they had their first in-person date.

Featured image: Shutterstock – Marriage Proposal. Videos: Storyful y TheFlippist Youtube Channel

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