Exta Gum presents: the Story of Sarah & Juan told one stick at a time

Extra Gum reminds us that love reveals itself in the little details of everyday life.

  • Life as a couple

Now this is advertising done right. This is advertising we can tune in to – “The story of Sarah and John” is a a beautiful dialogue-less narrative about a young couple as told by their experiences with Extra Gum, the third character in this story. Though present, the product placement isn’t obtrusive. The video, accompanied by the song “Can’t help falling in love” sung by Haley Reinhart, is a sweet ode to the little things in life that bring us together.  

The ad first appeard on the Extra Youtube channel and has well over 8 million views. For more touching advertisements, check out a man who proposed to his girlfriend through Post-its.

Video: Extra Gum Youtube. Photo: Joven pareja – Shutterstock

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