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  • Dog's Eye-View of a Wedding is Winning the Internet Right Now

Dog's Eye-View of a Wedding is Winning the Internet Right Now

A Siberian Husky captures a wedding and gives us an delightfully unexected view we never expected to have!

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Addie and Mashall Burnette came up with an amazing idea to film their wedding in Tennessee through the perspective of their Siberian Husky, Ryder. The couple got married at Mount Roan, where they had their first date 10 years before.


The couple attached a GoPro to Ryder’s back and we watch as the happy dog greets his owners, watches them lovingly and goes frolicking through the snow. Marshall describe the wedding as “cold and magical” on his Youtube channel. The camera was initally just a joke, but after seeing the wonderful images that Ryder filmed the couple were pleasantly surprised.

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 Image: Shutterstock – Couple wedding husky. Video: Jukin Media

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