Dj & Gina´s Surprise "Uptown Funk" Wedding Dance

You can´t help but want to dance when this tune comes on!

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After finishing their first dance together as husband and wife, Dj and Gina had a little surprise up their sleeves for the rest of the wedding party. As they pretended to walk off the dance floor the you-can´t-help-but-get-up-and-dance tune Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars starts playing and the couple bust out some amazing moves with the support of their wedding party and then the rest of the wedding guests at the end.


The video was posted on Youtube and if you´re planning a surprise dance you should definitely check out the choreogrphy. It´s fun and easy to learn. The awesome video was captured by High Tide Visuals and the wedding was photographed by Loretta at Pie Shoppe Photography.

If you´re looking for more dance inspiration check out the Nicole and Kyle´s surprise wedding dance, this is what happens when two choreographers get married, and a magical first dance that defies gravity!

Image: Shutterstock-Dancing wedding. Video: High Tide Visuals

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