Discover the Italian Bun for the Most Elegant Wedding Guest Hairstyle!

¡No te pierdas este tutorial sobre recogidos para novias o invitadas clásicos y muy fáciles de hacer!

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Preparing for a wedding, whether you are the bride herself or a guest, is always difficult. The choice of wedding dress, shoes, and accessories has to be careful and perfect. Everything has to go well with each other and be suitable for the type of event you’re going to – you won’t dress the same way for a wedding on the beach as for a wedding in the city, for example. Nor would a guest dress the same for a wedding held during the day and a wedding held during the evening. Every detail has its meaning and the hairstyle is just as important as everything else.


Today we’re bringing you 2 perfect hairstyle ideas that will turn you into the perfect bride or guest! Italian buns are very easy to do and will give you an elegant and feminine look. They are suitable for classic weddings, preferably at night, in which the dress code is generally more formal. This type of bun is perfect to wear with dresses that have a low back, and if you want to add a touch of sensuality to the look you can combine it with a nice long necklace that falls down your back.

Don’t miss this tutorial and tell us what you think of the result! For more hairstyle inspiration, click here and here!

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