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  • "100 Years of Love" Couple Decide to Age 100 Years in One Day Together

"100 Years of Love" Couple Decide to Age 100 Years in One Day Together

Journey through a lifetime in a single day!

  • After the wedding

Warning: tears will ensue.

When we choose the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, we’re choosing them because we can envision spending the rest of our lives with them. Kristie and Travis certain do, and that’s why a month before their wedding day, the couple decided to embark on a project to age 100 years in one day together with the help of Field Day and Cut Videos.

It’s an incredible experience for Kristie and Travis who are moved by the idea of ​​knowing how they will look in the future without having to wait their whole lives for it. As Kristie says, their families are delighted with the idea, especially her mother who says she will most likely not be around to see Kristie when her daughter reaches her age. Once the fantastic makeup team has gone to work, we see Kristie and Travis in their 50s. Travis is surprised and pleased to see he’s still handsome as the years have gone by and is thrilled to see Kristie looking beautiful. Follow them on this beautiful, moving journey as they go through the years together. 

Credits: Cut Videos and Field Day Youtube Channel

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