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  • A Surprise Marriage Proposal During a Bouquet Toss

A Surprise Marriage Proposal During a Bouquet Toss

The bridal bouquet toss winner being the next to get married is just a myth, right? Or is it?

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For many couples, the wedding day is special time and some want everyone to be focused only on them, but that was not the case at Chelsea and Tyler’s wedding. While celebrating one of the most important days of their lives, they chose to also share the love and the spotlight with one of their best friends.

The special proposal was captured by Gold HairPin Films. Set to the song So in love with you” by Jake Etheridge, this proposal couldn’t be more romantic – from the look on the bridesmaid’s face to the exuberant acceptance, we were near tears. It starts off like any other bridal bouquet toss when the bride does something unexpected. But we’ll let you see what happens next.

Credits: Gold Hairpin Films

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