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  • Zankyou Travel: Launching Our New Solution to Honeymoon Travel

Zankyou Travel: Launching Our New Solution to Honeymoon Travel

We have launched a new service for couples in France, Germany and Switzerland to provide a new solution to booking honeymoons on the platform and fulfil the growing needs of the millennial honeymooner.

Zankyou Travel: Launching Our New Solution to Honeymoon Travel
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Romance Travel is big business. The average couple now spends over $5000 on their honeymoon, with almost 1 in 3 couples opting to visit multiple destinations during their honeymoon getaway. In fact, almost one in ten couples not only choose to honeymoon abroad but also marry abroad.  It was due to this growing emphasis by the millennial couple on visiting new destinations, that Zankyou decided to launch its new portal features. In addition to the destination wedding directory that was launched this year, Zankyou is now proud to present Zankyou Travel.


This new Zankyou service now allows for couples to book their honeymoons directly on the portal. Couples can choose from special honeymoon packages for destinations across the world and best of all, they can add the trip to their registry, meaning that their wedding guests can also contribute to their honeymoon!

Currently, Zankyou Travel has been launched in France, Germany and Switzerland. Couples can buy special romance packages ranging from safaris, city tours, themed tours, beach getaways and other exclusive offers. There are also special packages for mini-moons (weekend escapes) which more and more couples are choosing to do right after the wedding before having an extended honeymoon later on in their first year of marriage. Equally, the Zankyou Travel packages are the perfect solution for anniversary celebrations.

Zankyou continues to develop services for couples and providers to facilitate the entire wedding planning journey, maintaining its global leadership in the industry. Stay up to date on all things new with Zankyou by following our social channels. And if you’re an industry professional, download our B2B magazine, Bride2b, for more wedding and honeymoon insights. [Download here]

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