Your 2020 Wedding: Top Destination Wedding Planners

Your 2020 Wedding: Top Destination Wedding Planners

Getting married abroad need not be stressful. With these incredible wedding planners, you will be able to create the wedding event of your dreams!

Your 2020 Wedding: Top Destination Wedding Planners
Foto: Anna Frascisco
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As we get deeper and deeper into those truly warm months, more couples begin planning their 2020 destination wedding. Seeking advice and recommendations are the first steps to planning the event you have always dreamed of, and so your luck is in: We’ve narrowed down our top choices for destination wedding planners for 2020 brides and grooms. Just choose which country you’d like to host your wedding in and the rest is easy!


Italy has been one of the top choices for destination weddings for some time now. 21st century couples have turned to a luxury wedding on the Italian coast as much as they have chosen the mainland. Read on to see our picks for top destination wedding planners in Italy.


Wedding planner and founder of Party4All, Laura Ferraris follows you through all stages of the organization process. Laura’s passion for weddings comes from years of experience in the event organization. Speaking with her, she told us why Party4All can help you create the day of your dreams: “I know how stressful it can be to organize a day that brings with it such a huge amount of expectations and excitement, and it can be hard to stay calm and relaxed. That’s why a professional like me will give you security and peace of mind!”

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Photo: Party4All

Anna Frascisco Event Planner

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Anna Frascisco is a top 10 ranked wedding planner. For her team, inspiration and imagination are part of the DNA of each and every event they dedicate themselves to. Thanks to her strong problem solving skills, Anna will be able to face any situation and any unexpected event, always coming out victorious and leaving you wonderful memories that you will jealously guard for all your life!

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Photo: Morlotti Studio for Anna Frascisco Event Planner

Visionnaire Event & Wedding Projects

This team works on the premise that every single love story is unique, and so every single wedding event must be just as special. Visionnaire Event & Wedding Projects helps couples create bespoke events chosen and curated by you! Guiding you in the selection of suppliers and accompanying you until the moment you say ‘I do’, this team shares with you their expertise and knowledge of the local area, but lets you take the reins on your big day!

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Photo: Visionnaire Event & Wedding Projects


What makes this team unique is the fact that it is composed of people from a range of different backgrounds, but united by their deep passion for organizing parties and receptions. Because of this, they have a particular creative flair, which attracts 21st century couples looking to make an aesthetically pleasing event for theit family and friends!

Photo: StairwaytoEvent

Clarice Events

Clarice Events was created with the enthusiasm, passion, strength, and the love of two Tuscan girls who want to give couples from their homeland as well as couples from afar the possibility of getting married in the gorgeous area of Tuscany. They understand that the most special part of a wedding event is the opportunity to celebrate true love with elegance alongside your family and friends! Their goal is to always approach each bridal couple with sincerity and empathy, to understand your desires and transform them into the marriage of your dreams!

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Photo: Clarice Events


High Emotion Weddings

Irene from High Emotion Weddings works on high-class, unique proposals, bespoke elopements, breathtaking wedding celebrations. With her team, they support couples from all over the world. Their approach to wedding planning puts their guests at the forefront of each and every event, because without you there would be no wedding! It’s your day, so you get to design it the way you have always wanted, with the professional help of this friendly team!

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High Emotion Weddings


EasterIsland Wedding

The stamp of this team is their ability to achieve the perfect mix of the personality of the bridal couple, the tradition of a wedding event, and the energy and atmosphere of a truly luxury 21st wedding. For this reason they help couples host the wedding of their dreams in a special and unique place full of history and culture, with an invite to a destination that will leave an unforgetable stamp in your heart: Isla Rapa Nui. What are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out more.

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Photo: EasterIsland Wedding

So there you have it: our selection of top destination wedding planners for your 2020 wedding! Simply contact your favorite to find out more!

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