Why Italy Should Be Your Wedding Destination Of Choice

Italy is one of the most beautiful countrys in the world. Each year it attracts thousands and thousands of tourists who come to see not only its impressive architecture, but also to get a taste of ‘real’ pizza and other wonderful kinds of food.

What makes this place such an attraction for couples is that its culture is subtle; with Baroque and Medieval church and palaces and lots of ancient boulevards mixed with modern ones,  it’s a perfect backdrop for those who want to combine long-lasting culture with modern romance. Couples can guarantee a wedding day (or weekend!) to remember.
What most couples seem not to be sure of, however, is how exactly to go about a wedding in Italy. But don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need here.

Where To Stay

If you’re going to be getting married in Naples, one of the most historic cities in the world, you’ll need a place that lets you enjoy that as much as possible. Fortunately then, Villa Andrea D’Isernia, does exactly that. With a terrace and swimming pool that gives their guests a panoramic view of Naples, couples can marry or renew their vows in front of the city and sea.

With ample picturesque corners and an interior garden, you can be sure to get the wedding photo gallery that you want. Located on the enchanting Golden Mile Coast, couples can visit the numerous nearby towns, or the park that is close by, for an unparalleled experience before, during and after the big event!

How To Organise 

Organising a wedding destination seems to be the thing that intimidates couples the during their brain storming session about where to have their ceremony. But sincetravel has become more accessible and there are many wedding planners operating all over the world, it’s never been easier! And, if you’re thinking of a wedding destination in Italy (which we assume you are as you’re here!), then don’t worry as there are plenty up and down the country.

Italy has been gaining popularity for destination weddings so it’s important to find planners who really know what they’re talking about. Wendy & Marion Wedding Fairies, C’era Una Volta, Into Italy Events and Luisa di Massa are four truly impressive wedding planners, just to name a couple. And what’s great is that, if you’re looking for a wedding Italy, they’ll still be there for you, ready to give you the wedding you’ve always dreamt of.

Wendy & Marion Wedding Fairies
Wedding planners from Wendy & Marion – Wedding Faries are experts when it comes to destination weddings. Settled in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Bolonia – and with tonnes of experience in the industry,  they let you relax, knowing your wedding is in safe hands! They’ll help you plan your big day from start to finish, taking into account your desires and expectations, creating a tailor-made wedding just for you. “Each wedding is a spell that will last a lifetime,” Wendy & Marion – Wedding Faries!
Wendy & Marion


Wendy & Marion

Luisa di Massa 

Luissa Di Massa is an expert in the planning business. And for them, details are absolutely necessary: from the wedding outfit to the wedding invitations. And they execute this idea in their work as well, making sure that every part of their couple’s Italian wedding is in touch with Italian style.

Learn more about “”
Photo: Luisa di Massa
Learn more about “”
Photo: Luisa di Massa

You should always aim to amaze and ‘wow’ your guests, and leave them with memories of your wedding day that will last a lifetime“, they say.

C’era Una Volta

The wedding planners at C’era Una Volta provide their couples with everything they need to organise their day. For the staff, every couple is unique, so they make sure every little detail of the wedding is personalised to create an exclusive event for couples and their guests.

One of the many amazing things about C’era Una Volta is that they work hard to make sure the event is designed to perfect, by sketching out the projection with you. This way, you have a good relationship with the planners as you both/all create it together! Once that is done then, all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy Italy while the planners do the hard work!

Into Italy Events

Into Italy Events create events all over Italy, so their professionalism is second to none. With planners that listen to the requirements of their guests, they will always come up with ideas that are catered to you.

Their attention to detail is incredible as they carefully think out every part of the event. And whatever ideas, religious orientation or tastes, the industry experts will make it happen.

Their priority is to fulfil your dreams as, of course, they want you to have the day you’ve been waiting so long for!


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