Weddings Gone Wired: How 3D Printing is Transforming “I Do”

Millennials are utilizing new technologies like 3D printing to help them plan, customize and elevate the details and designs of their weddings. The 3D printing trend is one of the biggest new tech-savvy features in weddings, and couples are printing outside the box to craft designs for their weddings that go way beyond basic invites and cake toppers. The 3D printing craze now includes wedding favors, the wedding cake (yes, the whole cake!), wedding dresses and one-of-a-kind wedding and engagement rings.

So what is 3D printing and why is it so popular?

For those who are unfamiliar with the tech update to typical printing, forget all you know about the typical printer—that is: paper and ink. What makes 3D printing so cool—and popular—is that these specialized printers take images and reproduce them layer by layer to create a three-dimensional model. These models can be used as molds for custom rings or as the basis for any object (think wedding favors, cake toppers and more).

Anything a bride or groom can imagine can likely be created with 3D printing. One of the more popular uses for the technology is to customize cake toppers and create edible details like flowers or intricate patterns. This may mean little mini-me cake topper figures, more creative choices like a favorite character…or something completely off the wall.

Of course, one of the more unique uses for 3D printing involves the wedding dress. UK’s The Daily Mail featured an article highlighting how this printing process may be the next big trend in wedding wear. A company based in China actually creates 3D printed dresses made from nylon powder! So, yes, you can print the dress!

However, 3D printing has already gained popularity in the world of wedding jewelry. For couples who are shopping for their rings, 3D printing is an ideal way to create custom wedding rings or engagement rings. In the past, custom designed wedding rings or engagement rings were typically out of reach to budget-conscious buyers. As the process of creating a custom mold was labor intensive, the cost to jewelers—and to the buyer—was often quite high. With 3D printing, however, the mold that once had to be hand-carved now is printed in a fraction of the time. For buyers this means that custom rings are more affordable for almost any budget.

With 3D printed rings, what the couple wants, the couple gets… So that dream wedding band that included your Hogwarts house crest on the side? Yes, 3D printing could create that design. Or maybe a bride wants to incorporate her own family crest, a monogram or ornate designs inspired by Art Deco architecture. Yes, it can be drawn, mapped out and printed as the mold for the one-of- a-kind piece.

Brilliance’s new infographic highlights how technology has transformed weddings for tech savvy generations—and the popularity of 3D printing has allowed the new technology to top the list. Using 3D printing for rings, cakes, dresses and so many other wedding details will soon be commonplace for many couples. Millennials—more than any generation—are open to new technology trends and embrace how technology can transform their lives…and their weddings!

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