10 Wedding Traditions You Can (And Probably Should) Skip

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When it comes to wedding planning, the amount of decisions can seem overwhelming – especially to couples who are trying to please everyone. Break the mold by ditching some of these standard wedding traditions to make the day more about you and your spouse and less about checking off a tradition to-do list.

Do you have to assign every guest a seat at your wedding? Are you sure you want to be pelted with rice for the sake of tradition? Even if you consider yourself a traditional couple, we’re sure there is at least one tradition in here that you could skip or upgrade.

Alternative Hair Accessory. Photo by Stacey Ramsey Photography

1. The long, white veil: Modern brides are rethinking the traditional wedding veil and unveiling their own personal style instead. They are choosing hair accessories or flowers, or replacing the long veil with a french netting or hat veil (like these beautiful custom made veils by Unveiled Bridal Designs). Also, check out these bridal flower crowns for another alternative.

Non-matching Bridesmaid Dresses. Photo via Wedding-Wardrobe.com

2. Everything has to be matchy-matchy: Chances are your bridesmaids are not all the same shape or have the same taste. More brides are letting the bridal party choose their own dresses to fit their personality, and are even letting them personalize it with funky jewelry or accessories. Not all your decor has to be the same color either. A color scheme of multiple hues and shades is perfectly fine to incorporate in your wedding. Haven’t you heard about the ombre wedding trend?

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3. Separate bride-groom ceremony seating: There may be two sides to the aisle, but you don’t have to make guests choose a bride or groom side. Consider keeping everyone together in a nontraditional seating arrangement, like a circle around the altar. Or communicate to your guests you’d prefer everyone not choose a certain side.

Chic Lounge Seating. Photo via Pinterest.com/socialtables

4. Guests have to sit on matching pews or chairs: The traditional seating arrangement is being replaced with guest seating that reflects the style of the wedding. Chic couches suit a formal wedding and hay bales with quilts and pillows are perfect for seating guests at a rustic style wedding. For the reception, brides are choosing lounge areas and mixed and matched styles of seating. If you still want a traditional touch, find a creative way to mix old with modern like using pews for seating at an outdoor wedding.

Bride Exchanging Vows. Photo by Simply Bloom Photography

5. Exchanging traditional vows: Though you can stick to the traditional wedding vows, it is meaningful and personal to pledge your love to each other using your own words. Unsure about writing your vows? You can borrow lines from a romantic movie, song, poem or book. A nervous bride and groom reciting their vows makes it an even sweeter moment!

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6. Elevated throne-like seating for the wedding party: Yes, it’s your day – we get it. But it is much more personable and inviting to sit at a table level with everyone else. There are other ways to be creative with your bride and groom seating – not to mention, cheaper ways, too!

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7. Assigned seating at the reception: Let people pick who they want to sit next to and let the significant others or guests of the attendants sit with the wedding party. Your guests will have more fun this way and will thank you for it later. As mentioned in #4, lounge areas are a good alternative to the traditional round table, assigned seating.

Cake Smashing Tradition. Photo via MomentJunkie.com

8. Cake smashing: We’re not sure how this tradition got started, but many modern brides now view this ritual as “tacky.” Today’s brides are also skipping the traditional cake cutting celebration altogether. Do you think this is a tradition to cut or keep?

Garter Toss Tradition. Photo via MyPortlandPhotographer.com

9. Bouquet and garter toss: Some couples don’t want to call out their single friends, others have few if any single friends and some couples just find it plain embarrassing. And really, there’s no classy way for the groom to stick his hands up the bride’s gown to grab the garter. Whatever the reason, couples are skipping this event altogether and some are revamping the tradition. Some brides are instead choosing to honor a special woman with the bouquet. What other alternatives have you heard of?

Rice Tossing. Photo via WeddingGuideAsia.com

10. Making your exit in a shower of rice: There are more creative – and exciting – ways to say good-bye to the bride and groom: eco-friendly confetti and sparklers to waving garland wands or ringing bells. Another option is to create a “tossing table” set up with bowls of confetti, glitter or even herbs like lavender. Check out this DIY confetti cones idea for more inspiration.

Tradition has its place, but your wedding should also be your own creation. Which traditions will you be skipping at your wedding?

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