Wedding Movie Team immortalizes your wedding day and the emotions you experienced

A team of professionals with the ability to capture the best moments so that you can always smile again as you did on this special day

Wedding Movie Team immortalizes your wedding day and the emotions you experienced
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After months of stress and preparations that never seem to end, it’s finally time to experience your own wedding. Everything you have so lovingly planned will now become a reality! But, due to the fact that you will find yourself living a dream and floating on a cloud, it is likely that many details will slip away and that, after the big day, you won’t even be able to remember everything that happened that day. That’s why we propose you to make a video of this unique event in your life, so that it will always live with you. With our Wedding Movie Team, your memories can also materialize!

Return to your wedding day with all your senses

A wedding film is more than just a video capture of the highlights of a wedding celebration, it has to be able to move you when you watch it! Don’t films touch our hearts and let our imagination run wild to create our own dreams? In this case, what you see will not be one of them, because Wedding Movie Team will show you the very experience you lived, full of sensations and feelings that can now stay with you forever and to which you can return as many times as you wish.

Wedding Movie Team: a team of professional directors

It may never have occurred to you that there is the possibility of creating a video exclusively for you, but with Wedding Movie Team you can do it! Behind the cameras and editing are professional directors who come from various backgrounds, including the wedding industry. 

This combination of visions and experience is what allows us to create wedding films that are different from the rest. Each member of the team is working towards the same goal, which is to provide you with a video that perfectly recreates the experience you had. But by combining their different personalities and creativity, we achieve synergies that allow us, as a group, to create unique pieces for each event. Yours could be the next one!

Discreet and pleasant, but focused on their goal

The way Wedding Movie Team works always follows the same line. Firstly, the team will meet with you to understand what your expectations are for your wedding film. And if you have chosen an agency or equivalent to plan the event, we will work together with them so that we are all moving in the same direction, which is to achieve the best result you can hope for. 

Thanks to our experience, we know how to capture those moments that make the difference, and that are not only the big milestones of the event, but also the loving glances, the surprises and, in short, emotions bubbling up to the surface. These are what make a wedding film so special. 


We are aware that, nowadays, everyone is used to seeing films and videos on their social networks almost continuously. This forces us to always give our best, because we know that being up to the task is a real challenge, but that’s exactly what the Wedding Movie Team loves!

Not only do we want to see your happy face while you live the experience of your wedding, but we also want to see the same smile and light in your eyes when you see the final result of your wedding film. That’s what moves us and makes us want to continue with this beautiful project!

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