Wedding Dresses by Rosa Clará 2017: Discover the Best Designs of the Season!

When we think about wedding dress retailers, it’s hard not to focus on the small details. There are plenty of brides who, season after season, wait impatiently for the presentation of the latest collections from international wedding dress brands. One name that continues to be favored each year among brides-to-be is Rosa Clará. The famous designer can dress every kind of style and personality. In this post, we will share the most distinguished trends in Rosa Clará’s 2017 bridal collection.

Faithful to timeless elegance, Rosa Clará presents a collection that is ideal for cosmopolitan women looking for unique designs that please all tastes and styles. From these designs, we’ve selected our favorite details, silhouettes, and necklines.

Straight Silhouettes

This style consists of thin fabrics that are full of movement. This silhouette is draped delicately to flatter every figure.

Wagner, Rosa Clará.
Wagner. Credits: Rosa Clará
Necora, Rosa Clará.
Necora. Credits: Rosa Clará
Wynet, Rosa Clará.
Wynet. Credits: Rosa Clará


Structured silhouette like princess cuts will delight the most romantic and feminine of brides. These silhouettes are paired with elegant cap sleeves, off-the-shoulder cuts, and illusion necklines and cinched at the waist for a dramatic effect.

Opera, Rosa Clará.
Opera. Credits: Rosa Clará
Onix, Rosa Clará.
Onix. Credits: Rosa Clará
Nassau, Rosa Clará.
Nassau. Credits: Rosa Clará
Neira, Rosa Clará.
Neira. Credits: Rosa Clará

Open Back

When it comes to dress design, the back has become the center of attention. A detailed back is a must, whether it’s beaded, embroidered, or open. Rosa Clará steals the show with one-of-a-kind details that draw all the attention to the back. This delicate beading is one of our favorite things about her new collection.

Naima, Rosa Clará.
Naima. Credits: Rosa Clará
Naira, Rosa Clará.
Naira. Credits: Rosa Clará
Naisha, Rosa Clará.
Naisha. Credits: Rosa Clará
Navas, Rosa Clará.
Navas. Credits: Rosa Clará


If the back has become the most important thing, accents deserve no less attention. Details such as embroidery, beading, belts, bows, and lace are what make a good dress. Obsessed with the smallest details, Rosa Clará provides endless possibilities to make your dress unique and authentic.

Walram, Rosa Clará.
Walram. Credits: Rosa Clará
Windi, Rosa Clará.
Windy. Credits: Rosa Clará
Naira, Rosa Clará.
Naira. Credits: Rosa Clará


If we focus on the fabrics used to create Rosa Clará’s 2017 collection, we will find a huge variety from the always popular lace to luxurious crepe silk. Brides seeking more body will be pleased by Mikado designs that bring sheer glamour and elegance.

Opalo, Rosa Clará.
Opalo. Credits: Rosa Clará
Naia, Rosa Clará.
Naia. Credits: Rosa Clará
Naima, Rosa Clará.
Naima. Credits: Rosa Clará
Olivo, Rosa Clará.
Olivo. Credits: Rosa Clará

A variety of styles for all kinds of women, this collection is bound to have the perfect dress for you. Because it’s all about the details, don’t miss the best of 2017 wedding dresses by Rosa Clará!

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