Wedding Decoration Idea: Paper Umbrellas & Parasols

Foto: Christophe Viseux
Photo: Christophe Viseux

Paper umbrellas are a special detail to share with the guests at your wedding. No matter if you’ve opted for a themed wedding, beach or country, the umbrellas will make great props and decorations for any daytime wedding.

Paper umbrellas are ideal for wedding ceremonies outdoors, protecting you from the sun and preventing makeup meltdown. They are also a nice detail that you can take to decorate the space where your wedding party is held.

Foto: Juan A Olmos Vstudios
Photo: Juan A Olmos Vstudios

You can put them in a basket at the entrance to the site of the wedding reception and hang on each umbrella a ribbon with a card, with the date of the wedding, the bride and groom names and the name of each guest. There you have an original wedding memories that guests cannot forget.

Foto: Juan A Olmos Vstudios
Paper umbrellas could add a touch of color to your wedding celebration. Photo: Juan A Olmos Vstudios

Similar to a wedding parachute, you can also take advantage of parasols for your wedding photographs, you just have to choose colors that are in the same range of decoration. For the bridesmaids, choose a different color than that of the bride’s umbrella so that she stands out in photos.

La novia puede llevar una sombrilla de un tono mas fuerte que las invitadas en las fotos. Imagen: Bianca Valentim
The bride can carry the boldest colored umbrella to stand out from the rest of the bridal party. Photo: Bianca Valentim

Giving guests an umbrella is a great idea, especially for couples who get married outdoors, since one of the advantages of having a country wedding in a wide open space is that it allows the couple to unleash their creativity in terms of decor.

Las fotos de tu boda tendrán un toque muy especial con sombrillas de colores. Foto: Bianca Valentim
Create unique wedding photos with colored umbrellas. Photo: Bianca Valentim

On a farm, on the beach or in a beautiful garden, paper umbrellas will be very useful and will give your wedding party a colorful cheer. And if you’re more traditional, parasols can also be white.

Foto: Juan A Olmos Vstudios
Photo: Juan A Olmos Vstudios

If you combine the umbrellas with paper lanterns it can give the site of your wedding party an oriental style, characterized by the lightness of the material. Perhaps you can combine them with origami wedding decor for the perfectly decorated wedding. Special thanks to Christophe Viseux, Bianca Valentim and Juan A Olmos Vstudios for the gorgeous photos!

Are you using paper umbrellas as props or as part of your wedding decor? Tell us in the comments below!

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