Wedding Breakfast Club: Zankyou goes to Milan

On the 28th of September we held the very first Zankyou Italian Breakfast Wedding Club in Milan. See why these events are so important and what it offers the providers that were invited to this exclusive event.

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On the 28th of September we held the very first Zankyou Italian Breakfast Wedding Club in collaboration with Nataly Olmetti NOB Events. It was a great event with some of the biggest names in the Italian wedding industry. These events are crucial for us, as it allows people to create a personal relationship with Zankyou.

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As with all of our Wedding Breakfast Clubs, it was a very exclusive list with only the best of the best in the Italian wedding industry invited. Not only did we invite the most sought after wedding professionals, we also invited some of our favourite wedding bloggers. The setting for the event could not have been better as it was held in the world renowned Hotel Château Monfort Milan, part of the Planetaria Hotels group.

The event gave the professionals the chance to get know each other on a personal level, to put down the telephone and stop the e-mails. They were able to share ideas, skills, and contact details. The hotel provided the perfect atmosphere and lavished all the guests with delicious treats, and gifts.


The informal morning had a business undertone, as you would expect when many industry experts gather together for a function. It started with a brief presentation by Stefano Risole, the Director of the Hotel Château Monfort, which was followed by an open discussion with the expert wedding planner Nataly Olmetti, without which our Breakfast Wedding Club would not have been possible. Afterwards, there was a presentation from Mark di Poala followed by an unforgettable impromptu conversation by Sofia Gioia Vedani, Managind Director of the Planetary Hotels. Federica, Directory Manager for Zankyou Italy, then took the stand and clearly explained how and why Zankyou is the most used portal for brides, as well as the benefits our directory offers for providers.

It was a real honour to have the likes of wedding planner Giorgia Fantin Borghi, who spoke to us about her future plans, including the new TV programme ‘La Sposa più bella’ (the most beautiful bride) in a short broadcast on LA 5.  Celebrity chef Ernst Knam was also present and offered us some innovative ideas regarding the fusion of confectionary and cakes. Moreover, we must mention our official media partners, Vogue Sposa and Donna & Sposa. Vogue needs no introduction, being one of the most revered magazines around today, with Donna & Sposa being one of the market leaders in Italian wedding websites. You could have heard a pin drop when the Director of Vogue Sposa, Enrica Ponzellini, spoke to the whole group, such is the respect she has among her peers.


It goes without saying that marriage and beauty go hand in hand. Not only does the dress have to beautiful and elegant, but the make-up too. We therefore invited prestigious make-up artists Academia BSI Anna Del Prete and Diego Dalla Palma. They provided an exclusive make-up demonstration on the model, Nicole, whilst our distinguished guests took in the natural look, with designers Antonio Riva, Domo Adami and Simone Marullo, taking a particular interest.

During this marvellous event something that is vital to Zankyou and weddings was missing, the couple. However, although not present in body the couples were present in spirit as Lucia Boriosi from Confetti a Colazione, asked for couples to send in any questions they may have for the professionals many days prior to the event. These questions where then presented to the whole group, and reminded us why we all do this…for the couples.

There’s a whole host of other attendees that have not been mentioned and for that we are sorry, we simply couldn’t mention everyone such was the turn out. We were delighted with the response to the event, and everyone can be assured that Zankyou will be hosting many more Wedding Breakfast Clubs in Italy.


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