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On the 2nd of March, Zankyou’s CEO, Guillermo Fernandez, travelled to the capital of Colombia along with Colombia’s Country Manager, Marta Pedraza, and Sales Manager, Margarita Bayona along with the Zankyou team based in Colombia. The reason?  The first ever Web & Weddings event hosted in Colombia.

Guillermo Fernandez and Marta Pedraza| Photo: Photomachine Studio

It was a Zankyou sponsored event, but it could not have been possible without the unwavering support from the Hotel Hilton Bogota who offered their luxurious hotel and served delightful canapés along with refreshing cold drinks before the night started. They also served a variety of classic cocktails for the “cocktail hour” to end the night on a high.

Guillermo Fernandez| Photo: Photomachine Studio

The event was fabulously decorated by Passione Weddings, the photography was provided by Photomachine Studio. Futhermore, DJ Nicolas Rojas was handed the responsibility of setting the mood for the cocktail hour, and he did so with consummate ease. PikRepublik were at the event from the very start until the end and provided a fun little photo booth so our attendees could have some fun and take home some memorable photos to ensure they wouldn’t forget the first Web & Weddings in Colombia hosted by Zankyou.

Santiago Castro| Photo: Photomachine Studio

The purpose of the event was to bring together the top wedding industry professionals and present them with three conferences explaining how one can take advantage of the internet within the world of weddings. The first speech was given by Adrian Vargas, CEO of Show Market who gave a conference called “With Two Sugars, please”, which concentrated on the importance of humanising the brand and sending a personalised message. The next talk was given by Santiago Castro, CEO of Pillow. His speech focused on innovation within the bridal sector, how technology is perceived as innovation, and the importance of personalising the message. It was interesting that both Mr. Castro and Mr. Vargas both spoke about delivering a personalised message. The closing speech was given by Guillermo Fernandez, Zankyou’s CEO and he talked about how the internet is changing and how to take advantage of it from a digital marketing and social network perspective. The presentation of the event and the agenda was delivered by Marta Pedraza, Country Manager of Zankyou Colombia. After the informative talks were over, the guests commenced the “cocktail hour”.

Adrian Vargas| Photo: Photomachine Studio

Over 120 of the very best wedding industry professionals attended the Web & Weddings event. There was a vast array of professions. There were: hotels representatives, restaurateurs, wedding boutique owners, designers, decorators, wedding planners, DJs, musicians, photographers, videographers and others.

Photo: Photomachine Studio

As it was the first time ever an event of its kind was hosted in Colombia, Bogota seemed the obvious choice. Due to the overwhelming reception it received we expect to expand and host the event in many other Colombian cities. Furthermore, as it was a good opportunity to meet the suppliers we have had contact with face to face. Whilst we pride ourselves on having good relationships with our clients, it always helps to form a more personal relationship after spending months contacting by phone or email alone.

Meeting face to face meant conversation flowed and the Zankyou team and the invitees were able to share ideas and talk about potential plans for the future in which Zankyou and suppliers based in Colombia will be working hand in hand. We hope to host similar events throughout Colombia with more frequency, as the first Web & Weddings in Bogota surpassed all possible expectations.

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