Web & Weddings travels to Lima for the first time!

Zankyou held its first ever Web & Weddings in the capital of Peru, Lima. The success of the event ensured that this will not be the first and last time that Zankyou travels to Peru. See what the best wedding industry professionals in Peru had to say about the wedding sector.

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On the 6th of March, Zankyou celebrated its first ever Web & Weddings in Lima, Peru. Our CEO, Guillermo Fernández, and Peru Country Manager, Eliana Cumpa, travelled from Madrid to host the event and meet the best wedding industry professionals Peru has to offer.

Casa Andina Private Collection Miraflores offered us a beautiful and spacious venue that was perfect for the first Web & Weddings in Lima. As the guests filtered in, the anticipation for the long awaited event grew and it is safe to say that it went better than anyone could have expected.

First Web & Weddings in Peru. Photo Credit: Jorge Alva from zonanuevestudios

The purpose of this event was to gather the very best of the best within the wedding sector and hold some informative and insightful talks. The first of speeches was held by Maik Dobiey a wedding photographer. Maik Dobiey believes that wedding photography allows you to capture some wonderful memories of a day that will stay with the couple forever. He also considers it essential that when one publishes any material online it is vital that an attractive image is placed along the title to attract attention. It’s an important point that Maik makes as we know that LinkedIn and Facebook also believe that this is vital to generate interest in your posts.

First Web & Weddings in Peru. Photo Credit: Jorge Alva from zonanuevestudios

Vanessa Acosta Ruiz, Company Management Researcher for the University of the Pacific, shed some light on millennial consumer behaviour, the generation that will dominate the wedding sector for many years to come. She began her speech with a brief introduction in which she defined the concept of globalization and how it is influencing the world we live in. Vanessa highlighted that millennials require immediacy and have a need for warm and horizontal treatment. Vanessa also pointed out that millennials are customers who, although they use the Internet as the main source of information, prefer human and direct contact when completing a purchase.

First Web & Weddings in Peru. Photo Credit: Jorge Alva from zonanuevestudios

Finally, Zankyou Weddings CEO, Guillermo Fernández spoke about the importance of social media networks and how it has become a more expensive opportunity especially at SEM level when working for an internet based company. It was a very interesting speech indeed.

All of the professionals who attended showed a keen interest during the presentations and they enjoyed the photo booth for the first ever Web & Weddings in Lima, where they took amusing photos that were shared on our Peruvian Instagram account zankyou_pe under the hashtag #webandweddingsLima. We cannot ignore the effort of the Memorie Print team, who thanks to their instant camera allowed the guests to take printed photos home, ensuring they will remember this special event for a long time.

First Web & Weddings in Peru. Photo Credit: Jorge Alva from zonanuevestudios

We would like to thank all the suppliers for all their enthusiasm and effort given to make sure that the first Web & Weddings was a complete success. We would also like to thank the attendees for the brilliant support and we hope that they enjoyed the event as much as we did. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled as this won’t be the last event held in Peru by Zankyou.

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