Watching the Time at Your Wedding

There is some debate as to whether a bride should wear a watch during the wedding ceremony, but for some it is simply impossible to part with their trusty timepiece. A beautiful wedding watch can also be a timeless keepsake to remind you of your big day, something that will last a lifetime.

Of course, it becomes more important than ever to ensure your watch compliments your wedding dress. Thankfully, there are a number of chic, delicate and elegant designs that will not look out of place.

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Bracelet style watches are very popular and often disguise the fact that they are also functional watches. Beautiful examples by Cartier, Omega, Gucci and Rolex are very desirable. These stylish watches provide a touch of class and sophistication.

It may also be worth considering a small pocket or pendant watch that can remain hidden as you exchange vows but is available to hand when you require it. Some of these watches double as beautiful and quirky necklaces.

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Whichever style you decide on, it’s worth remembering that the more you are able to incorporate your watch into your wedding look, the more elegant you will seem on those all-important photos.

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Another option is to go with a vintage watch, a style that fits particularly well with a vintage style wedding, helping to reinforce a sense of nostalgic romance. For brides arriving by horse drawn carriage, a stunningly simple vintage watch from the 1920’s or 1930’s makes a bold statement whilst retaining an air of sophistication.

Of course, choosing a vintage watch will also provide “something old”, helping you maintain a long honored tradition.

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Whether or not it is seemly for the modern bride to wear a watch in the first place is still up for debate. However, as wedding days become strictly orchestrated affairs, there is no denying that a decent watch can be invaluable to the bride wishing to ensure her big day runs smoothly.

Should you decide that a watch is a necessary feature, make sure you choose something that will compliment your wedding dress and other jewelry. Remember, a well-chosen timepiece is likely to last as long as your marriage, bringing you happy memories for years to come. Why not engrave your watches with your wedding date, time of ceremony and partner’s name? A precious reminder of such a special and beautiful moment, when just for a second, time stood still.

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