Unique Bridal Looks: Colored Wedding Veils

Don't dare to wear a colored wedding dress but want to add some variety to your bridal look? Here's your solution!

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Colored wedding veils are really spectacular, unfortunately, we don’t see that many of them – even less than the daring colored wedding dress. So, we thought we’d assemble some of our favorite examples of brides who dared to be different and sported these spectacular colorful wedding veils at their wedding.


Pink is perhaps the easiest color to play with for weddings. There are always blush colored wedding dresses each season that catch our attention and which would look beautifully paired with a pink veil. Pink also traditionally represents love and affection, perfect sentiments for a wedding. 

saveMomem Fotografía
Image: Momem Fotografía
saveHelena Mareque
Image: Helena Mareque

Match a pink veil with an all-white bouquet or dusky-colored flower wreaths – better yet, set off the blush-details of your wedding dress!

Image: Pronovias


Though not as popular as pink, we’ve been seeing some beautiful pale and pastel green wedding dresses in several bridal collections, including Monique Lhuillier, Pronovias, and Jenny Packham. The color green symbolizes nature par excellence, as well as harmony, growth, and freshness. It is said that the greens have a strong relationship on an emotional level with security, moreover, it is the most relaxing color to the human eye. 

saveTeresa Palazuelo
Image: Teresa Palazuelo
saveMartina se casa
Image: Martina se casa

Green-colored wedding veils would also look absolutely lovely with green wedding dresses, like those from Monique Lhuillier and Jenny Packham. A green veil would also look lovely with an all-green wedding bouquet.

saveNicolás Costura
Image: Nicolás Costura
saveVega Novias
Foto: Vega Novias
saveVestido de Navascues. Foto: Encarnación Campanario
Vestido de Navascués. Image:: Encarnación Campanario

Blue and Purple

Usually associated with stability, blue also represents the depth of the ocean and the infinite quality of the sky. It also represents several important values such as loyalty, trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith and truth. According to experts, “it is a color strongly associated with tranquility and calmness.” 

Lola Bodas, wedding dress by Helena Mareque. Image: Volvoreta Bodas
saveSilvia Sánchez Fotografías
Image: Silvia Sánchez Fotografías
saveHelena Mareque
Image: Helena Mareque

Beige and Grey

These tones are much more muted and don’t stand out the way the previous colored veils do. Especially if you’re blond or have lighter brown hair, beige veils will almost look like you have long, flowing locks that trail to the floor – the affect can be absolutely stunning.

saveDavid Christian
Image: David Christian
Image: Navascués
savePelayo Lacazette
Image: Pelayo Lacazette

Beige and grey wedding veils are perfect tones for Fall weddings – match them with autumnal wedding bouquets and bridal shoes for a Fall/Winter Wedding.

Image: INúñez


For those brides seeking to add a touch of vintage glamor to their bridal look, a gold metallic wedding veil is perfect. As seen below, the golden Chantilly lace veil lends an elegant and more vintage look to this beautiful bride, enhancing the more classical elements of her wedding dress.

Elena Bau, Parederos Quirós

What do you think? Would you opt for a colorful wedding veil now? Which color would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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