Unforgettable Wedding Moments and Photos With the 9th Annual Belief Awards

From eleven countries, across five continents, 18 wedding planners have been recognised for their talent and skill in the most recent Belief Wedding Planners awards.

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Belief Wedding Planners continues to conquer the wedding world with its work over the years. And every year, this wide and inclusive community of wedding planners host an awards ceremony which, through the help of talented photographers, reflects on and celebrates the work of planners across the world. The winners are recognised for their immense achievements.

For the ninth year running, this awards ceremony – known as the Belief Awards – has brought together the most talented planners from five continents. In total, 18 wedding planners from 11 different countries won titles – and from the photos, we can see why!

saveMaeva Fuster
Wedding Planner: Mueva Fuster (Emeraude et Coton) – Photo: Didier Amadori (Neupap Photography)

Giovana Duailibe, CEO of Belief Wedding Planners, has reflected on the emotion that the event causes: “This year was the biggest and best that we have ever had. I’m so proud of our community, and am inspired by every one of its members. They have been doing an incredible job across the world, and we can already see the changes that we’re making in the wedding industry.”

Stories and unique settings 

Alongside the amazing work of the wedding planners and the photographers who captured every moment, the stories and settings deserve recognition of their own. Included amongst the most unbelievable moments are a wedding that took place within a glacier, the arrival of a father of the bride who had been recently hospitalized, a surprise elephant at the ceremony, and an incredible Aztec celebration in Mexico.

On this occasion, the winning photographs showed an array of beautiful landscapes, from outstanding oceanside views to the hottest tourist destinations. And in all of them, the weddings were flawlessly executed.

saveRoberta Pompeo
Wedding Planner: Roberta Pompeo (The Different Twins) – Photo: Sam Sacramento

Wedding Concept

In the category of Wedding Concept, Central America triumphed with prizes going to Belén Esquivel from El Salvador, and Judy Amado from Panama. For the former, the purple colour palette and a beautiful forest won out, whilst the latter received praise for its mix of luxury and modernity.

saveBelén Esquivel
Wedding planner: Belén Esquivel – Photo: Uxen Studio
saveJudy Amado
Wedding Planner: Judy Amado de Mendez – Photo: Alfonso Jaen

In Europe, Sabrina Gambato (from Ti Amo, Ti Sposo) represented Italy, with a couple and their vintage, travelling-themed wedding. For Portugal, Ruia Mota Pinto made excellent use of the Monserrat Palace in Sintra to organize a a musically-themed celebration. Both won in their respective categories.

saveSabrina Gambato
Wedding Planner: Sabrina Gambato (Ti Amo Ti Sposo) – Photo: Bottega53
saveRui Mota Pinto
Wedding Planner: Rui Mota Pinto – Photo: Pedro Bento Photography

Rebeca Magaña of The Wedding Mexico received an award for her awe-inspiring work of architectural inspiration, with an array of geometric shapes, and colors such as gold, copper, grey and blush – all in homage to the bride, who was an architect by profession. Izandi Serdyn of ido4u, representing South Africa, captured hearts with her farm wedding, set amongst the mountains and adorned with a multitude of flowers.

saveRebeca Magaña
Wedding Planner: Rebeca Magana – Photo: Soko Sandoval
saveIzandi Serdyn
Wedding Planner: Izandi Serdyn (Ido4U) – Photo: Marli Koen

Destination Wedding

Within the Destination Wedding category, we had four standout winners, three of them representing Europe, and one from Asia. For Italy, Roberta Pompeo surprised with a wedding in Riva del Garda, a large open space where her couple fell in love, and ended up living after the wedding. Jeanette Skelton, of Luxury Events Phuket, won for Thailand.

saveRoberta Pompeo
Wedding Planner: Roberta Pompeo (The Different Twins) – Photo: Sam Sacramento
saveJeanette Skelton
Wedding Planner: Jeanette Skelton – Photo: Amee Photography

The French wedding planner Maeva Fuster of Emeraude & Coton made her couples’ dreams come true with a magnificient French-style castle wedding in Montpellier. Finally, and in one of the most incredibly organized weddings in the entire competition, Vigdís Björk Segatta from Luxurwedding (Iceland) won for his glacier-based wedding.

saveMaeva Fuster
Wedding Planner: Maeva Fuster (Emeraude et Coton) – Photo: Didier Amadori (Neupap Photography)
saveVigdís Björk Segatta
Wedding Planner: Vigdís Björk Segatta (Luxwedding) – Photo: Iceland Wedding Photo

Cultural wedding

This category had numerous entrants, all bringing their absolute best and most unforgettable ceremonies with them. Christina Holt (Wedding Concepts) from South Africa won with two of the weddings that she organized. In one of them, the afro-chic style she created was a real treat, especially with the use of bright Swazi patterns, vibrant colours, and intricate needlework.

saveChristina Holt
Wedding Planner: Christina Holt (Wedding Concepts) – Photo: Tyme Photography

And on its part, Mexico had two winners. Once again, Rebeca Magaña stole the show with a Persian-style wedding set in Puerto Vallarta. And Paula Abreu won with one of the most colorful ceremonies: an Aztec-themed wedding, paying homage to the groom and his family. Simply stunning.

saveRebeca Magaña
Wedding Planner: Rebeca Magana (The Wedding Mexico) – Photo: Eva Sica, Ave Sol
savePaula Abreu
Wedding Planner: Paula Abreu (Paula Abreu Weddings & Events) – Photo: Julián Castillo

Special photo

The category of special photo had four well-deserving winners, three of them European, and one from India. With regard to the latter, we here saw Kirti Samant win with his well-timed photos of the sacred bathing ritual Mangal Snanam, and the appearance of an elephant at the ceremony as a surprise from the groom for his soon-to-be wife.

saveKirti Samant
Wedding Planner: Kirti Samant (Wedding by Kirti) – Photo: Nikhil Shastri Photography

The image presented by the Italian photographer Viola Tarantino (Emotions in Puglia), represented the absolute triumph of true love: two men, who could finally marry after hiding their relationship for ten years. Thomas B. Dahlberg, from Norway, managed to capture the essence of the chosen space with photographs taken during different times of the day at the winter wedding he attended. And once more in Italy – this time from the studio GettingmarriedinItaly – Sandra Santoro captured the emotions at a rural, intimate Venetian ceremony.

saveViola Tarantino
Wedding Planner: Viola Tarantino (Emotions in Puglia, Wedding & Events) – Photo: Francesco Caroli
saveThomas B. Dahlberg
Wedding Planner: Thomas B. Dahlberg (Memoria AS) – Photo: Ole Kristian Olsen
saveSandra Santoro
Wedding Planner: Sandra Santoro (gettingmarriedinitaly) – Photo: David Bastianoni

Black & White: a game of light and contrast

The wedding and picture featured by Jadee Fernandes McGowan of South Africa showcased the act of overcoming: the man in the photograph, diagnosed with cancer, discharged himself from hospital for the day so he could walk his daughter down the aisle. Also from South Africa, Izandi Serdyn won another award for capturing a beautiful, intimate moment between a bride and one of her loved ones. Guadaulpe Álvarez, from Mexico, captured the exact moment that two men finally made their dreams a reality.

saveJadee Fernandes McGowan
Wedding Planner: Jadee Fernandes McGowan (Watermelon) – Photo: Dearheart Photography
Wedding Planner: Guadalupe Alvarez/ Penzi – Photo: Brett Butterstein

Judy de Amado Méndez from Panama won a prize with honors for the image she captured of the first time a groom saw his future wife on their wedding day. Rui Mota Pinto from Portugal won over the judges with his photo of a loving and tender moment between a recently married couple.

Wedding Planner: Judy Amado de Mendez (Judy Amado & Company) – Photo: Alfonso Jaen
saveRui Mota Pinto
Wedding Planner: Wedding Tailor & Planner Rui Moto Pinto – Photo: Pedro Bento Photography

In its ninth year, the Belief Awards continue to surprise and awe us. But the ceremony itself was not just another event, but a reflection of the hard work and effort that goes into every wedding, and the beauty of those small real-life moments that can never be replicated. This event shows the growth of the wedding sector, and the growth of its quality and sophistication. 

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