Undecided On What To Give Your Fiancé On Your Wedding Day? Here Are 8 Ideas That You'll Love

It seems that finding a good present for a man is always a bit difficult, but even more so if it is a gift to be given on his wedding day. So, to make your life a little bit easier, we have come up with a few options for you to give your fiancé on the big day. Choose the one you prefer and take your future husband’s breath away.

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1. An Experience

There’s no better feeling than knowing that the gift you bought for someone was enjoyed and will be remembered forever. So a perfect way to make sure this happens is to buy your fiancé an experience you can both enjoy together. Tinggly is an online site that lets you choose from a selection of packages, with adventures in over 100 countries worldwide. So if you husband-to-be is the adrenaline-junkie type, or even if he’s more about learning how to cook special dishes, you’ll be sure to find something there that both he and you will remember forever.

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2. A love letter

You might not believe it but love letters have still not gone out of fashion, at least not completely, so if you want to add a touch of romance to your wedding, why not write a handwritten letter to your new husband? You can even ask someone to give it to him before the start of the ceremony so that, when you are walking down the aisle towards him, he will have already read all that you have to say and know what you wanted to thank him for.

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3. A surprise video

Videos at weddings are very common so why not try something a bit different? If you want to surprise your future husband, a great idea would be to make a little film in which you either share some photos of you two taken throughout your relationship, or even film you and your loved ones saying a few words. The latter option is perhaps the best if you struggle to get your words out as the only thing you need to do is stand in front of a camera and express the love you feel for him.

4. A song!

We aren’t referring to you simply playing a song and listening to it but rather for you to be the one who sings. You can choose either one of his favourites or one that defines your relationship as this will surely surprise him the most. Get on stage and grab the microphone when everyone is finishing their dinner and start to surprise your husband as well as your guests with your beautiful voice.

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5. Send a surprise to his house

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be anything from a photo album that you made yourself, to bringing him breakfast in bed. Obviously you would need someone to help you with the latter option and you would need to remember to request for it to be delivered in reasonable time so that he has enough time to get ready. It would be a great way to start your new life together as he will then know that you will always be there to take care of him.

6. A watch

Remember to buy one to his taste: whether it be in terms of colours, material, style or anything else! The main thing is that this object reflects his personality to perfection, whilst at the same time reminding him of a day that you will both want to relive forever. Pay attention to the watches that he has said he likes the most and chose the one that best suits his style. He won’t be able to contain his surprised expression on the day of the wedding.

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7. A woven handkerchief

Ask him to lend you the handkerchief he wants to use on the wedding day, along with his suit, write him the most romantic message, ask a professional to help you sew it on (or if you can do it yourself that’s even better!) and return it to him on the big day. Put it in a pretty little box so that when he opens it and sees it for the first time he is even more taken aback by this incredibly unique and personal gift.

If your fiancé still doesn’t have his suit for the wedding, we recommend that you take a look at what Protocolo Novios has on offer. This firm specialises in men’s suits and have become a reference point within the bridal fashion industry. All their designs are in line with the current trends so that the groom also gets to share the limelight on this special day.

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8. Cigars and their favourite liquor

In a little box put a selection of his favourite cigars and liquors, all in miniature, so that he knows you will always be there to spoil him. Decorate it in an elegant, rustic style, put a romantic note inside it and make him the promise that soon you will be able to take advantage of these goodies as a married couple. Even though you might not believe it, your fiancé will love to receive a gift that is clearly composed of his favourite things; make an effort and gather all those objects that are sure to take his breath away. 

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