Trendy wedding invitations ideas for 2016!

When choosing wedding invitations, it's important to keep in mind that this is the first glimpse your guests have of what's to come!

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Label’ Emotion, exclusive wedding planners based in London and in Paris, has selected the latest wedding invitation trends to help you find some inspiration for your wedding invitations. The first thing your guests will see is your invitation and whether you choose a paper or digital one, so you have to insure that you make the right impression – whether you’re theme is colorful, floral, classical or quirky, the invitation is the first time your guests will get a glimpse of what’s in store. This may very well influence their outfits! So be sure that your invitations are consistent with your wedding theme. Keep these options in mind when choosing or designing your invites!

Envelope Liner

saveCredits: Livia Paul
Credits: Livia Paul

First of all, before discovering your invitation, guests will see the envelope liner. It is a nice touch to customize it with flowers, sparkles or even writing something inside, everything is possible as long as it is in-line with your wedding theme!

Customizing the envelope is becoming more and more popular, and we understand why, this is so fun and beautiful!

Foil stamping

The golden (or silver) touch you need to add some wow factor to your invitations. Whether it’s used for highlighting certain design aspects of the invitations or for all of your text, this printing process would be perfect for a Gatsby-styled wedding – keep in mind that it is also quite expensive.

saveCredits: Megan Clouse Photography
Credits: Megan Clouse Photography


There’s nothing quite like getting a hand-written letter, especially these days! Now a handwritten wedding invitation? That’s truly adding a homey/hands-on touch that would be great for a vintage style or intimate wedding.

saveCredits: Riley Hitchner
Credits: Riley Hitchner


Ideal for a contemporary or industrial-themed weddings, graphics are becoming increasingly popular for modern wedding invitations. Graphics allow you to play with the look of the invitation a lot more, and you can put a lot of effects, even 3D ones!

saveCredits: One Love Photography
Credits: One Love Photography

Photo Invitations

What’s better than a photo of you, the future bride and groom, to show your love – also, if you’re inviting distant relatives and friends or friends it’s always good to remind them just who you are. Guests like to see you in their invitation cards, or save the date. This is all about you, so have fun and show your love! You can do more than one photo if you’d like. This is ideal for all types of wedding, as long as you respect your theme!

saveCredits: Monsiuer Plus Madame
Credits: Monsiuer Plus Madame


If you want something fresh, natural and colorful, then floral prints are the best for you. Romantic and filled with symbolism, floral invitations are perfect for an outdoor themed wedding or a Spring or Summer wedding featuring lots of flowers.

saveCredits: Etch Design
Credits: Etch Design

If you don’t know what to choose or want a bespoke design for your wedding invitations and stationery, Aude, a wedding planner and designer from Label’ Emotion London can help create unique wedding invitations that reflect you distinctly, as well as design your wedding decor.

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