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In the fashion world, trends come and go quite often. The same goes in the world of weddings. Some months burlap and wild flowers will be seen being used at almost every wedding, and the next, it will be all about monochromatic tones and modernism. Currently, the cacti are taking over and frankly, we’re loving it! These quirky little plants have made their way into style and we’re going to show you how you can implement them into your wedding décor. If you are a naturalist and lover of greenery, then this trend is for you!

1. Invitations

While the majority of couples choose to go the simple and classing route when choosing their wedding invitations, consider utilizing this new trend in your invitations by adding a touch of color and freshness. Cue in the cacti to make their stellar appearance. With so many different drawings and images of cacti at the moment, your invitation provider can surely find a print that you’ll love!

Photo Credit: Acuarela Duck
Photo Credit: Acuarela Duck
Photo Credit: Invitarte Invitaciones

2. Cacti Center Pieces

While we love the uniqueness cacti bring to the table, (no pun intended) it’s important to remember to take precaution where you decide place them; considering the fact that they might prick a guest if they are set too close to their table setting! However, the good news is that there are other plants in the cacti family that don’t have thorns. Such as the, Thornless Prickly Pear. This plant is just as cute and 100% safe to touch! The green and unique look of these plants can be combined perfectly with any other type of flower and color, including tableware. If you find yourself bored with the usual hues of olive green seen at weddings, then this fresh spin on green décor would be a great alternative for you.

Photo Credit: Secretaria Evento
Photo Credit: Laura Goldenberger

3. Seating Card and a Wedding Favor: Two in One!

Thinking of a way to utilize the guests’ seating cards as a wedding favor can often times be difficult. Yet, it’s such an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. You’re in luck because we have discovered not just a beautiful and creative way to go about this, but it is also very affordable!

Purchase mini flower pots with a variety of different cacti; you can find an assortment of these plants at flower markets or wherever they sell wholesale plants. Then on a card, print the name of the guest along with their assigned table or seat. Guests’ will love that they have received a beautiful piece of nature to now take home with them.

Photo Credit: Sara Lázaro
Photo Credit: Giulie & Giordi
Photo Credit: Weddingchicks

4. Decorate Your Wedding Venue with Cacti

As we previously mentioned, Cacti have quickly become a trend in the retail industry and are now being seen in all kinds of stores, which is great for you if you decide to go with this theme for your wedding! Aside from using the actual live plant, you can use a ceramic cacti, cacti pillows, trinkets, etc. Be creative! Put your imagination to work and we guarantee you will find a thousand and one ways to decorate your wedding with cacti.

Photo Credit: Marcos Sánchez
Photo Credit: Catering Charlotte

5. Cacti Printed Plates

Just as cacti have become fashionable, so have hand-painted dishes, and many brides are beginning to use them for their wedding. The cute designs are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your guest’s and will be a nice change from the standard wedding table wear.

saveCaptura de pantalla 2016-10-17 a la(s) 22.16.29
Photo Credit: Azarraluqui
saveCaptura de pantalla 2016-10-17 a la(s) 22.16.04
Photo Credit: Azarraluqui
saveCaptura de pantalla 2016-10-17 a la(s) 22.15.27
Photo Credit: Azarraluqui

6. Cacti Cake Decor

Over the years, wedding cake designs have become what seems like a piece of art to be admired during the wedding reception. With designs becoming more and more extravagant, no idea is too crazy for your wedding cake provider. Incorporating a design of cacti into your cake will not only be visually appealing, but everyone will want to snap a picture of this unique cake design!

Photo Credit: The Cake Blog
Photo Credit: mfeltphotography
Photo Credit: Ashley Rae Photography

What do you think of this new trend? If you like the idea of utilizing these unique little plants in your wedding then take note! The ideas are endless and we hope that after reading this article you are inspired to add a fresh new twist to your wedding!

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