Top Tips on How to Successfully Pull Off a Totally White Wedding!

White is definitely the color of the moment. It goes well with everything and looks beautiful in every setting! When many people think of weddings, it’s safe to say that a vast majority think of the principal color being white. It symbolises purity, it symbolises peace and harmony, and it is the base color to which any combination of colors can be added for extra emphasis. Usually people are tempted to add other colors to white, for fear of it looking insipid if left alone. However, a totally white wedding is the epitome of chic and elegance.

So today we’re giving you the tips you need to successfully pull off a totally white wedding: the most charming invitations, the most spectacular decoration, the most luxurious reception … So stay tuned!

Reception of dreams!

Dior- or Tiffany-style chairs can be used to make the most breathtaking receptions. .. In either white wood or acrylic – decorated with the most exquisite flowers, are capable of transforming any venue into a ethereal and relaxing space. White tablecloths and crockery with gold or silver accents, are discreet and refined and will bring this white dream to a beautiful reality.


Although white is the archetypal “bride’s color”, traditionally bridesmaids used to wear white to confuse the evil spirits that would try to target the bride and sabotage her big day. White is a great way to give a nod to tradition and its wedding superstitions. Plus, we all remember Pippa Middleton at the royal wedding, don’t we?

USA Today
USA Today

Ceremony Décor!

For outdoor weddings, there’s nothing like a beautiful white marquee, charming chairs and unlimited white flowers! Even so, the latter can and should have a prominent place in churches or other enclosed spaces. Combined with some wonderful chandeliers, it’s a delight to behold!

Perfect Wedding Invitations!

Wedding invitations should reflect not only the style of the wedding but also the personality of the bride and groom – and if the color they’ve chosen for the big day is predominantly white – of course they should opt for white invitations! And as for the fonts and colors, for more relaxed weddings, the fonts can be lighter and the colors, to pair up nicely with the white, cheerful and light. On the other hand, for more formal weddings the option should be for a more sophisticated typeface and white should be complemented by, for example, black, gold or silver. Also, a well-rounded monogram and wax seal are two other elements that perfectly match this type of wedding invitation!

Details that make a difference!

Spaces with multicoloured walls and ceilings call for creativity: hanging decorations, unusual floral combinations, origami elements, matching fabrics or ribbons.


And because not many can resist sweets, they too must be included in white, of course! Still, never in a way that suggests monotonous decoration. Make the most of chandeliers, candlesticks – anything that can give life to your sweets table that invariably is one of the most prominent features in your wedding!

Cakes 2 Love
Cakes 2 Love

Totally white has come to stay! A wedding decorated completely with a white color palette is a surefire way to add glamour and understated sophistication to your big day with very little effort or risk of “messing things up.” What are you waiting for?

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