Top Tips on How to Pair Your Wedding Dress with Your Bouquet!

To achieve an unforgettable look for your wedding day, pair the perfect bouquet to your dress and prepare to wow your guests!

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The wedding dress of your dreams demands stylish and sophisticated accessories and the main accessory (among all the others) is the bouquet of flowers! Apart from the ring, and possibly the groom, the bouquet is the most important thing that the bride will have in her hand, so here at Zankyou we’re determined to make sure you know how to pair your bouquet with your dress. Thank us later.

savePhoto via Shutterstock - Shipilov77777
Photo via Shutterstock – Shipilov77777

First things first, choosing a bouquet that completes your style is essential, after all, not all bouquets go with all types of dress. Just as there is the perfect wedding dress for each body type, there is also the ideal bouquet for each style of dress, according to the chosen cut.

And for you to be the belle of the ball, we have selected the 4 most popular wedding dress styles and the best tips to match them with the perfect bouquet.

savePhoto via Shutterstock - Lau Chun Kit
Photo via Shutterstock – Lau Chun Kit
saveFoto: Atelier Alessandra Mitteldorf Learn more about “Atelier Alessandra Mitteldorf ”
Photo: Atelier Alessandra Mitteldorf
Photo: Leme Images

A-Line Dress

One of the most well-known and quintessential wedding dress styles is the A-line cut, where the upper part of the dress is fitted, and the skirt gradually widens, creating a silhouette similar to the letter “A” or a triangle, which may be less or more voluminous, depending on the bride’s taste. Thanks to its unpretentious and classic style, this model is suitable for all types of ceremony.

saveFoto: A ModistaLearn more about “A Modista”
Photo: A Modista

For this dress, the experts suggest various types of bouquets. The first proposal suggests roses, peonies and wild flowers, such as daisies. Already a classic and always accurate option are the bouquets of red peonies with subtle hints of pink.

Click here to see our selection of the most beautiful wildflower bouquets for 2017!

saveFoto: Modwedding by The Wedding Artist´s Collective
Photo: Modwedding by The Wedding Artist´s Collective
saveFoto: Colin Cowie Weddings
Photo: Colin Cowie Weddings

Now, if you are a modern bride who loves all things original, why not go for a colorful bouquet of roses, purple flowers, green chrysanthemums and craspedias, also known as billy buttons.

Another interesting proposal would be bouquets in which roses, flower par excellence for many brides, are the main feature. Perhaps complemented by peonies, brunias and groundsels, in a very current color combination.

savePhoto via Shutterstock: aistovafoto
Photo via Shutterstock: aistovafoto
saveFoto: Arbolande
Photo: Arbolande

Empire Dress

An empire cut is where the dress is tight around the bust and then from there the skirt begins and falls loosely downwards, creating a straight silhouette. It tends to also have a belt or some other type of detail just below the bust, for definition. Usually they are made with vaporous, flowy fabrics that add a touch of whimsical romance to the look. They are a great choice for casual ceremonies, as well as for beach weddings.

saveFoto: Whimsical Wonderland Wedding
Photo: Whimsical Wonderland Wedding

For this type of dress, the bouquet options are fantastic. Choose something like a large bouquet with orange rose buds with soft touches of pink accompanied by ivory fruits.

On the other hand, a nice idea is the jewel bouquet, which is a medium-sized, rounded bouquet, with natural flowers, details in aged gold and no green leaves or foliage. It can be composed of roses, scabious, freesia, small white flowers such as gypsophila, or orange blossoms.

saveFoto: Au Nom de la Rose
Photo: Au Nom de la Rose
saveFoto: Colin Cowie Weddings
Photo: Colin Cowie Weddings

And for brides who are going or something more cheerful and jolly, how about a yellow bouquet with accents in green, perfect for weddings during the day and weddings held outdoors.

Another surprising and unusual choice is the trumpet-shaped bouquet in mauve and white tones. Beautiful and original, and you dare with a bouquet like that?

saveFoto: Vestido Anna Campbell & buquê Confetti Day Dreams
Dress: Anna Campbell & Bouquet: Confetti Day Dreams

Princess Cut Dress

Who does’t know this style of dress? The princess cut is the wedding dress most people imagine when thinking of weddings. It’s made up of a tight bodice with a defined waist and a skirt with a lot of volume. It is more suitable for more pompous and traditional ceremonies.

saveFoto: Vestido Maison Veridiane Noivas & buquê ArbolandeLearn more about “Vestido Maison Veridiane Noivas & buquê Arbolande”
Photo: Vestido Maison Veridiane Noivas & buquê Arbolande

To compliment this type of dress, we suggest going for a more demure bouquet in shades of beige, aged pink and a light green touch, so as to not overpower the dress itself.

Now if you prefer an unpretentious bouquet but at the same time want something splendid and sophisticated, change the more traditional flowers for cala lillies – uniquely beautiful flowers that will give that special and exclusive touch to your wedding dress.

saveFoto: L'Atelier de las Flores
Photo: L’Atelier de las Flores
saveFoto: Trendy Bride by Andrew Jade Photography
Photo: Trendy Bride by Andrew Jade Photography

On the other hand, a more poetic alternative would be a bouquet in soft tones and pastels shades, with a lot of carefully intercalated roses, white hydrangeas, and nude carnations. We also can’t forget the classic and traditional bouquet in white roses – always elegant and timeless.

The latest proposal to go with your princess dress is different and daring; in this bouquet the flowers form an unusual composition with predominantly soft tones in coral and dry branches that jut out in different directions.

savePhoto: El Jardín de Mamá Ana
Photo: El Jardín de Mamá Ana
saveFoto: Vestido Ateliê Ruth Amaral & buquê Pensacola RedLearn more about “Vestido Ateliê Ruth Amaral & buquê Pensacola Red”
Dress: Ateliê Ruth Amaral & Bouquet: Pensacola Red
saveFoto: Bornay
Photo: Bornay

Mermaid Cut

This is a sexy dress that is more figure-hugging and enhances the feminine silhouette to perfection. The mermaid cut is that model that adjusts approximately to the height of the knee, from there it opens forming the skirt. As it’s versatile, you can wear it for a formal wedding at night, and for a slightly more informal ceremony during the day.

saveFoto: Vestido Maggie Sottero & buquê Floral Design by Jacqueline Ahne´s
Dress: Maggie Sottero & Bouquet Floral Design by Jacqueline Ahne

Small bouquets made up of pink, white, and lilac flowers make more cute and typically feminine bridal accessories. And if you are not afraid to take a risk, a colorful bouquet is a wise choice. How about mauve, red and pink poppies, combined with small flowers that will fill in the gaps and create a perfect compact effect!

savePhoto: Solo un Instante
Photo: Solo un Instante
saveFoto: Vestido Maison Veridiane Noivas & buquê L’Atelier de las FloresLearn more about “Vestido Maison Veridiane Noivas & buquê L’Atelier de las Flores”
Dress: Maison Veridiane Noivas & Bouquet: L’Atelier de las Flores

A special bouquet can be made up from a beautiful composition of English roses and other varieties of rose in mauve and fuchsia, as well as freesias, lavenders and bupleurum.

saveFoto: Edwin Vandevyer
Photo: Edwin Vandevyer
saveFoto: A Bela do DiaLearn more about “A Bela do Dia”
Photo: A Bela do Dia

Now that you know the best options to pair your wedding dress with the perfect bouquet, it will be easy to create an unforgettable outfit! But if your wedding bouquet speaks, check out the meaning of each flower and choose the flowers that best represent your personality, in addition to having a wonderful bouquet, it will tell you a lot!

Photos: A Bela do Dia, Ateliê Ruth Amaral, Maison Veridiane Noivas, Atelier Blanc, A Modista, Buquê com Charme, Alessandra Mitteldorf, Pó de Arroz Noivas, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Modwedding, Colin Cowie Weddings, Pensacola Red, Arbolande, Au Nom de la Rose, The Boj, L’Atelier de las FloresEl Jardín de Mamá Ana, Bornay, Solo un Instante, Edwin Vandevyer, Whimsical Wonderland Wedding, Anna Campbell, Confetti Day Dreams, Trendy Bride, Maggie Sottero, Floral Design by Jacqueline Ahne´s.

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