Top Tips for Beautiful Spring Wedding Bouquets!

Snapknot give us their top tips for beautiful bridal bouquets for the perfect Spring wedding look!

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Spring is in the air and that means that wedding season has arrived and there is nothing like a beautiful wedding during this warm, sunny season! Spring weddings are so popular and there’s not a lot of things better than the pastel colors and spring flowers that the season brings to us. It is definitely a favorite season among many brides-to-be.  On hand to put a spring in your step are Snapknot with their top tips for beautiful bridal bouquets!

There are so many colors to choose from when you are thinking about what type of bouquet you want for your wedding day. We wanted to share with you 4 tips to help you decide what type of spring wedding bouquet you would like. Along with that, you will find some gorgeous bouquets we absolutely love that we hope brings a little inspiration if you are planning your own spring wedding. Enjoy!

Tip #1


No need to stick with just one color. Bright colors that are popular for spring look wonderful if they are all mixed together, just like this beautiful spring bouquet below. Pink, green, orange, yellow… every one of those colors just makes you happy!

saveBrian Evans PhotographyLearn more about “Brian Evans Photography”
Brian Evans Photography

Tip #2

Pastels are perfect for a romantic, dreamy look. You can choose to go with one color, like all pink, or mix in other pastels like shown in this bouquet.

saveJessica Crews Photography
Jessica Crews Photography

Tip #3

Add a little something extra to make your bridal bouquet stand out from the rest. The bouquets for this bridal party are beautiful bright pink and white. The bride added a few orange flowers into hers to make it pop just a little bit more.

savePhotography by AjayLearn more about “Photography by Ajay”
Photography by Ajay

Tip #4

Flowers are such a beautiful thing and can be used all around your wedding if you choose. We love how the bride in this photo decided to use the same purple flowers from her bouquet and had a beautiful headpiece made to wear with her wedding gown.

saveLeila Scarfiotti Photography
Leila Scarfiotti Photography

If you are just starting out in your wedding planning process, be sure to download SnapKnot’s wedding planning checklist to help you out.

Take a look at these stunning centrepieces to add even more beautiful touches to your wedding day!

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