Tie The Knot In The Caribbean: Jamaica, The Bahamas Or The Turks And Caicos Islands

The Caribbean is the definition of paradise. Escape routine and tie the knot in one of our favourite tropical locations here.

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Nothing oozes paradise more than the Caribbean. It’s the exotic pocket of Earth where life passes without any fuss. The Caribbean Sea, famous for its good temperature and extraordinary colour palette (blue and green seem to have discovered new tonalities in its waters), is the glistening centre-point, from which glorious coastlines span wide. Home to islands of undeniable beauty, such as Jamaica, The Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Islands, it’s no wonder that the Caribbean is the most popular destination for dreamy weddings abroad.

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This is the Caribbean

The Caribbean is situated in east of Central America, and it caresses the north of South America with its Caribbean Sea, (also known as the Antilles Sea). It also touches the coasts of countries in North America (Mexico), Central America (Panama and Costa Rica), South America (Venezuela and Colombia) and many islands  (Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic etc.).

The Caribbean is a tropical zone, and so it’s climate is pleasant all year round to enjoy it’s long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Can you imagine getting hitched here? Standing on soft sand or celebrating in a classy lounge with sea views, this dream can be your reality.

The Caribbean has become a popular tourist spot for people of all ages, thanks to the many leisure activities possible both on land and water. The Caribbean culture is different, joyful and highly festive. If you want a tropical wedding with rhythm, colour and relaxation, submerge yourself in all it has to offer.

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Part of the Caribbean is also known geographically as the Bahamas, although this name belongs to one country. In fact, The Bahamas as a country is one of the territories that form this archipelago; the waters of its beaches belong not to the Caribbean Sea, but its aquatic mass receives the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a tropical and subtropical climate and is home to more than 700 islands.

Here, there are amazing natural spectacles such as the third largest coral reef in the world, dancing dolphins, and beaches to die for, many of them untouched and others known by everyone (Pink Sand Beach is one of the 10 best beaches in the world, and Surfer’s Beach is the second best on the planet for surfing).

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Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas can be found in Long Island, a pocket of paradise perfect for weddings. Its villas and bungalows delight all those that are lucky enough to visit, with luxury as its statement in the middle of nowhere, and thanks to Jeff Kleenside as its reputed chef.

Furthermore, Breezes Resort & Spa Bahamas has special rooms to admire the ocean, but also multiple activities to enjoy throughout your stay such as a fabulous spa, different exercise centres and numerous pools. With regards to your wedding, the resort goes by the idea: ‘Marrying on your Dream Honeymoon’, an idea that combines your special celebration (with a personal Dream Wedding Planner who takes care of every detail) with a stunning honeymoon also in the hotel.

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Photo: Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas
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Photo: Breezes Resort & Spa Bahamas

One&Only Ocean Club, another of these Bahamian joys, takes advantage of the name of its location, Paradise Island, to create a utopian bliss. A glimpse at their wedding plans includes a floral walk from its sandy beach to a 12th Century Augustinian cloister, perfect for your vows.

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Foto: One&Only Ocean Club

Turks and Caicos Islands

Meanwhile, the Turks and Caicos Islands, constitute a hidden treasure located north of Hispaniola Island. Its land is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, and its seductive beaches extend along 332 km2 of coastline. As part of the Caribbean region, its climatic condition is still tropical and its landscape just as dreamy.

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Here you’ll find exclusive hotels like Grace Bay Club, a luxury complex with rooms and suites with direct ocean views, and it oozes the cultural Caribbean flare of its surroundings. They are also specialised in organising destination weddings, with complete packages that cover all necessities, and include advice regarding legal requirements and marital papers.

Palms is also situated on the lavish Grace Bay beach with turquoise waters, boasting all the amenities you could ever desire, a gigantic spa, a luxury and relaxing environment and the best staff at your disposal. You can reserve an entire weekend for one wedding, and the team in charge of your day will be with you throughout. And the ‘I do’s? Well, they’ll take place on the Grace Bay sand, in the Messel Ballroom or in the majestic spa surroundings.

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Photo: Grace Bay Club
Photo: Palms


Most popular among US couples is without a doubt Jamaica. Perhaps for the incredible vibes that accompany such stunning views. It’s joyful, relaxed, fun, and not to mention musical … Reggae music can be heard throughout as it typifies the rhythm of the island. Jamaica’s mountainous terrain also hides natural gems like the cascading Dunn’s River, the Green Grotto Caves and the The Blue and John Crow National Park, home to the amazing Strawberry Hill hotel, a window to the world from an incredible height. Their weddings host up to 150 people and are designed for the most romantic couples.

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Photo: Strawberry Hill

Furthermore, the country has amazing sunsets, golden sandy beaches where you can rest and crystal clear waters where you can dive. In this sense, Royal White Sands Resort, in Montego Bay, is an excellent option. They organise flawless weddings, with some free services, friendly advice, and many options for your special ‘I do’ on warm beach sands.

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Photo: Royal White Sands Resort

So, do you fancy tying the knot in the Caribbean? Follow some of our Destination Wedding advice and have a day more special than you have ever dreamed it being. It will be unforgettable!

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