This Is What Happens When A Celebrity Crashes Your Wedding Day

How would you react if someone famous crashed your wedding day? Regardless of whether you were to laugh, scream or cry with joy you surely wouldn’t turn them away. This was the case recently with Katy Perry, one of the biggest pop sensations of today, who sneaked into the wedding of two strangers. She may not have been invited, but they definitely didn’t want her to leave once she started dancing with their guests.

Cordon Press
Foto: Cordon Press

Katy Perry was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Saint Louis, in Missouri whilst on her Witness world tour, when she walked into Hayley Rosenblum and Blonie Dudney’s evening wedding celebrations. Katy blended in perfectly, taking pictures and dancing with both the newlyweds and the guests, acting as though she was just another guest invited to the party. And, even though she was only there for 15 minutes and was wearing casual clothes and a baseball cap, her presence definitely made the couple’s night even more special. But what is surprising it that this is not that uncommon. Many celebrities have taken the opportunity to surprise their fans on their wedding day.

Foto: Instagram raypropstudios
Photo: Instagram raypropstudios

Beyoncé and Jay Z have also been famous wedding crashers. The couple were on holiday in Portofino, Italy when they mistakenly entered a church and found themselves in a middle of a wedding ceremony. Brad Pitt also found himself in the same hotel as a soon-to-be married couple in Buckinghamshire, England, and happily took pictures with the pair.

Photo: Twitter

Meanwhile, one night when Justin Bieber and Selena Gómez were still a couple and were out for dinner at the Adamson House Estate in Malibu, California, they sneaked into a wedding after hearing one of his songs being played.

And Maroon 5 famously gatecrashed several real-life weddings as part of their filming of the video clip to their song ‘Sugar’. The bride and groom stood behind each other when the group appeared from behind a white cloth that fell to the ground, and performed their song.

And the most surprising of all… Even Queen Elizabeth II attended a wedding of an anonymous person! The bride randomly decided to invite her, but had no idea she’d take up the offer and actually come to her big day!

Photo: Instagram

How would you react if a famous person arrived at your wedding? Who knows, perhaps Rihanna or the Pope will be in the area and drop by!

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