Things You Should Not Forget About When Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful, to make sure you don´t forget anything we have listed the most important wedding planning tips

Things You Should Not Forget About When Planning A Wedding
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This article is written by Frank Hamilton

Wedding preparations can take place in two scenarios. The first scenario is a rush and bustle if you let it go by itself. The second scenario is the advance and careful planning of all the details. We recommend that you stick to the second option, but sometimes the excitement before the wedding can prevent you from concentrating and once again checking all the important points. In this article, we have compiled a list of non-obvious details that you should not forget about so that your wedding day is ideal for you and your guests.

Allergies or Special Needs of Your Guests

If you want to surprise your guests with the variety and chic of your wedding menu, then, of course, you have the right to do it – it’s your day. However, do not forget that each person has his habits and beliefs about nutrition, besides, sometimes they are caused by a state of health.

Therefore, think about how to make your wedding menu balanced, so that everyone can try what suits him. Ask your relatives if they are allergic to certain foods and if one of them has decided to become an incorrigible vegetarian. Perhaps pregnant girls who need extremely healthy meals will also be among your guests. Also, you need to think about the menu for children, and we will remind you of this in one of the following paragraphs.

Translation of a Marriage Certificate

This legal nuance is very easy to forget about, especially if you are planning a wedding in another country. It is very popular now to play a wedding in the Dominican Republic or Seychelles, but for you to organize the ceremony abroad, you must already be married in your country.

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Plus, it is necessary to translate your marriage certificate to confirm your marriage before the ceremony at the ocean (or wherever you want). And it’s very easy to forget about it because the subconscious mind says that you already have a legal document and that’s enough. Also, you need to think about where to apply for a certificate translation – for example, The Word Point translation service can do it for you.

Extra Places for Guests

Plans tend to change, and your cousin may want to come to the wedding with her new boyfriend, whom she met three days ago. And if several guests decide to give you a surprise as another “plus one”, then you definitely need additional seats.

Do not forget to warn the administrator of your restaurant or your wedding planner that you may need some extra chairs.

Ideas for Your Photos

A photo session can take a lot of time if you do not prepare for it in advance. Yes, your photographer will certainly tell you a beautiful pose and location, but if you want special photos, then you better think over ideas in advance. Make an appointment with your photographer and tell him about your wishes. And the best thing is to make a preliminary list of ideas for the photoshoot so as not to forget anything in a hurry.

Honeymoon Suitcase

After the wedding, you definitely need a suitcase that can carry things for two people – your small backpack will not be enough. Therefore, if you still have not bought a roomy suitcase, buy it before the wedding.

Also, if you are planning a honeymoon a few days after the ceremony, then you need to collect all the things in advance. After the wedding, you will be too tired to think again about what things you need to take with you. Also, if you invite guests from other cities and countries, it is better to spend time with them since you have got such an excellent opportunity to meet.

Kids at Your Wedding

Yes, it is the responsibility of parents to control the behavior of their children. However, it will be better if you think in advance about comfortable conditions for children and parents. So that children did not create a mess, and also enjoyed your wedding, they should

  • firstly, be busy with a game,
  • secondly, have room for activity,
  • thirdly, be safe.

The best way to keep the kids busy is to feed them and send them to have fun. Therefore, by analogy with how you thought out the menu for allergy sufferers and vegetarians, you also need to think through a menu for children. The best option is to organize separate children’s tables, where all the food will be decorated in a childish style, plus hire a nanny and an animator. The nanny will look after the children, and the animator will not let them get bored and begin to arrange a mess around you and the guests.

Be sure to think about the children’s area in the restaurant or the free space where children can safely run and play if you celebrate the wedding outdoors.

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Also, think about the safety of the scenery and make it stable. If you know that most of the guests will come with children, it is better to abandon the square tables with sharp corners and replace them with round tables and soft chairs.

And How to Plan and Manage All This?

As we have already said, to make your wedding day perfect and not to forget about the little things, you need to start preparing in advance and think through every detail. However, do not forget that you can always entrust all organizational issues to professionals, for example, contact the ZankYou wedding planning service. All that remains for you is to express your wishes, receive reports on actions taken, and simply enjoy life while waiting for one of its best days!

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Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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