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The Top Wedding Photographers in Rio de Janeiro: Only the Best to Capture your Destination Wedding

Getting Married in Rio de Janeiro and looking for someone qualified to perfectly capture the whole experience? Look no further than our selection of the most capable photography professionals in Rio de Janeiro to create long-lasting memories for you and everyone involved in your big day!

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The work of the photographer is some of the most important in any wedding, because it’s through them that this special day remains in our memories! Eye for perspective, technique, ability to interpret emotions and catch glimpses of details (which often go unnoticed) are the essential points to consider when deciding on an extraordinary professional photographer.

Foto: Divulgação Rafael Porto Fotografia
Rafael Porto Fotografia

Today we present you the Top 10 Rio de Janeiro Wedding Photographers for your Destination Wedding in Brazil! Thank us later…

Foto: Divulgação LoveShake

Fabricia Soares Fotografia

Fabricia Soares and Alexandre Marques photographed their first wedding in 2006 and, from there, they decided to combine their camera skills and create Fabricia Soares Fotografia! Working with a lot of love and commitment, this inseparable duo capture images full of feeling, making them one of the biggest references in the Brazilian wedding photography market.

fabriciaLearn more about “Fabricia Soares Fotografia”
Fabricia Soares Fotografia


Photographing weddings since 2010, the award-winning couple Felipe Luz and Kate Brasil is known worldwide for the LoveShake project, created to show that as well as being beautiful, photos can – and should! – express joy and excitement! These photographers have a keen eye and record important moments, paying special attention to every detail, resulting in photos that mix both fun and art!

Foto: Divulgação LoveShakeLearn more about “LoveShake”

Marina Fava Fotografia

“Psychologist by profession, photographer by choice” – words spoken by the incredible photographer Marina Fava. Marina loves what she does and usually creates personal ties with her brides, always being attentive to their expectations and desires. In doing so, she can capture moments where the emotion is present in every look, hug or the intertwining of hands, recording love every step of the way!

marina favaLearn more about “ Marina Fava”
Marina Fava

Rafael Porto Fotografia

Passion, dedication and sensitivity are some of the many attributes of Rafael Porto, a seasoned professional who travels the world capturing the most beautiful moments! His greatest satisfaction is receiving the invitation to photograph one of the most exciting days in a couple’s life, as he knows how important it is to be part of this story. His exceptional technical capabilities, conveyed through a sharpened eye, result in some extraordinary photos!

Foto: Divulgação Rafael Porto FotografiaLearn more about “Rafael Porto Fotografia”
Rafael Porto

Renata Xavier

Renata Xavier‘s fascination with photography arose while still studying cinema, where she realized that she could tell stories through images without the need for words. And so she began to photograph the first chapter of a couple’s life, seeking to capture every moment, detail and emotion, thus providing a wonderful legacy for future generations!

Foto: Divulgação Renata XavierLearn more about “Renata Xavier”
Renata Xavier

Rodrigo Sack

From a young age, Rodrigo Sack considered photograph to be his greatest passion. At age 17, he moved to California to start living his dream, to study photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography! He worked alongside great masters of contemporary photography, as well as editors for famous magazines. He ended up falling in love with the world of weddings, where has dedicated himself to capturing emotional and exciting moments.

rodrigo sackLearn more about “Rodrigo Sack”
Rodrigo Sack

The Kreulichs

Junia Lane and Licius Kreulich believe that people only live once and, for this reason, they photograph weddings with a lot of love and appreciation. They create incredible photos that transport the couples right back to that moment of their big day. For them, photography isn’t simply a job – it’s their life, their mission!

Foto: Divulgação The KreulichsLearn more about “The Kreulichs”
The Kreulichs

Thrall Photography

Flora and Nathan Thrall’s work goes far beyond traditional photography. This real-life couple and photography duo manages to capture magical moments through real and non-contrived glances between the bride and groom, building unique and unparalleled memories! Specialists in composition and masters in the use of natural lighting, they are able to capture the essence of the bride and groom by creating photographs that tell their true story.

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