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  • The Top 20 International Travel Blogs: Perfect for preparing your Honeymoon and other romantic escapades!

The Top 20 International Travel Blogs: Perfect for preparing your Honeymoon and other romantic escapades!

Here are 20 of the hottest travel blogs out there, ready to inspire you to plan the vacation of your dreams with your partner!

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Still haven’t booked your honeymoon? Are you looking to disconnect and don’t know where to begin? First of all, take a deep breath, Secondly, check out this juicy selection of the best travel blogs swarming the net, many of them with regular presence in international media. Some of them are more personal and others more corporate, but they all draw on the best information to get ideas for that great trip. If you are looking for anecdotes and visual references, maybe you’ll be interested in these blogs born of individual work (and couples) and destined for bold spirits like yours. If you want a more professional touch, you also have everything you need. The best of the best for all couples and situations.

Photo: Anchiy

A Luxury Travel Blog 


Brainchild of Dr. Paul Johnson, a member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, this blog contains everything you need to travel at full speed, with the most luxurious places to stay. If you want a sophisticated and exclusive honeymoon, with care over the smallest detail, this should be your place of virtual pilgrimage.

The Poor Traveler

Yoshke Vins Dimon and Carlos are two Filipino bloggers who have left their working lives to travel. With more than 200,000 followers on Facebook, they have designed an extensive list with all popular destinations. In each, you will find information on what to do and where to stay, among many other things.

Solo Travel Society

Janice and Tracey are the authors and travelers who give life to this popular blog, which is more of a meeting place where participants share their experiences. Based on their experiences, they publish articles with very useful information on destinations on six continents and culinary tips to complete the journey.

saveSolo Travel Society
Photo: Solo Travel Society

Nomadic Matt 

Ideal for travelers seeking adventures that are rich in experiences, but also affordable. The information given by Matt Kepnes is varied, useful and lighthearted. Author of the bestseller How to Travel the World on $ 50 a Day, his own site includes guides, articles on the concept of traveling and all the advice you need.

Two Monkeys Travel

An impeccable blog with a modern, informal touch, in which the authors Kach Medina Umandap from the Philippines and British Jonathan Howe, tell their adventures and write useful and fun article. Specializing in both luxury and economic travel, but always with the personal touch that characterizes who they are.

saveTwo Monkeys Travel
Photo: Two Monkeys Travel


This blog has the best information straight from the heart of its leaders for all travelers, even you, who are also accomplished globetrotters. Traveldudes is a community for travelers to share experiences, always based on the work of its editors and authors of the posts related to travel around the world.

Out of Town Travel Blog

A blog of Filipino origin perfect for filling your backpack with recommendations and all kinds of useful information for travelers. In addition to information on destinations -best of, how to …- and their cuisine, the site stands out for its contributions of technological information for travelers.


Irishman Johnny Ward has been on a lot of spectacular trips. Good old Johnny has scoured the world from top to tail and, thanks to a beautifully designed interactive map, he can tell you about any of them. It also includes advice of all kinds, a human side in his more personal texts and endless references.

Photo: OneStep4Ward


The epicenter of Asian cuisine and travel blogs. Mark Wiens is a young man who lives in Thailand and travels through Asia with the purpose of collecting culinary delights for his audience. His videos, pictures and texts are good proof of his desire to take on the world, served on a signature dish which is passed through his site.

Pinoy AdvenTurista

Mervz is an adventurer in every way, a hunter of experiences. In his blog, he mixes his fearless desire with all the information of the most luxurious and relaxing places. It includes an assortment of impressive guides providing information on activities, eating places, accommodations and cultural events. 

Mochileros TV

A space for the adventurous and anecdotal journalism. Iosu Lopez and Alberto Menendez are two Spanish reporters that fill their page with documentary episodes, reports and articles on backpacking. The also give tips on how to enjoy an adventurous break with your partner, so take note!

saveMochileros TV
Photo: Mochileros TV

Goats On The Road

Discover the best adventures for all travelers’ tastes. Nick and Dariece´s blog is an open window to all parts of the world. They live in Canada, but their true home is planet Earth. In any corner of it, both passionaately developed their work as videographers, providing all the information to their audience from a unique perspective.


The blog is run by a lovely family with globetrotting spirit. With an intuitive interface, you can choose any destination and guide no matter where you are around the globe, a click and the subsequent explanation by Caz and Craig Makepeace, head of the troops.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten´s videos are an accurate and succulent summary of what awaits you in each of your chosen destinations. Complete with visual posts on different topics within the theme of travel, many of them related to fashion and style.

saveThe Blonde Abroad
Photo: The Blonde Abroad

I am Aileen

Original and daring, like the woman who gave it its name. Aileen left her job in the Philippines and since then has been devoted to traveling the world. She specializes in Europe and Asia, but her ambition and desire to tell stories has left other continents “under construction”. Dont let this one pass you by.

Acróbata del camino

More than a blog, this space is a life lesson. Since the age of 27, Juan Pablo Villarino has been a nomad who travels the world hitchhiking, with only the company of his camera, his stories and his eagerness for the purity of the world. Then he narrates his experiences to advise and inform travelers worldwide. Exciting, no?

saveAcróbata del camino
Photo: Acróbata del camino

Go Backpacking

Another temple for backpackers, but also for travelers looking for economic and original vacations with friends. Although it is more impersonal than other blogs, advice and information addressing these trips is incredibly useful. Their selection of “best of” is essential.

Arturo Bullard

This Peruvian photographer aims to give clues about the most wonderful places that enrich the planet. He’s a traveler and photographer, and focuses his work on the most awe-inspiring natural locations, perfect to lay the foundations of your honeymoon. Take a look at his exceptional material and pick up ideas.

saveArturo Bullard
Photo: Arturo Bullard

Nomad Revelations

Information on travel and destinations straight from the hand of Brazilian João Leitão are the result of his adventures and experiences on all seven continents. The site shows many routes with tips and testimonial videos, as well as a myriad of information on activities, types of travel, transport, food and the people of each country visited.

Backpacking Europe with The Savvy Backpacker

James and Sue from the US run this handy little blog for backpackers. If you don´t want this type of trip, their experiences and advice will be useful for you to get ideas and organize your adventure as you like. How? They provide useful information and knowledge about the customs of every place you have visited (transport, health, economy …) and recommendations on what to pack by country.

saveBackpacking Europe with The Savvy Backpacker
Photo: Backpacking Europe with The Savvy Backpacker

Discover all kinds of ideas, destinations and the experiences of those who have already been there. Now it’s your turn!

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