The Top 15 Wedding Photographers for your Destination Wedding in Guadalajara, Mexico

A good photographer is one of the most important people you will hire in preparation for your wedding day, and it’s even more important that you make the right choice of photographer too, so we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the best wedding photographers in Guadalajara to save you some searching.

Pepe Orellana

Every one of Pepe’s shots offers a complete and full story about the moment it captures, meaning you will end up not only with a photo album but also an album jam packed with all the emotion and memories of your big day. With over a decade of experience in photography you can guarantee an extremely high quality of service.

Pablo Saracho Photography

Pablo and his team’s number one priority is to capture your big day shot by shot. Pablo is the kind of photographer who loves nothing more than getting to know his clients before photographing their wedding, meaning that you know he will take exactly the type of photos that you and your other half would like. If you’re looking for someone to deliver those beautifully traditional and timeless photographs that you’ve always dreamed of, then look no further.

Peter Olvera Photographer

A real expert in capturing all the magical moments one experiences on their wedding day, Peter has been been photographing all sorts of people, places and events since the age of sixteen. More than anything, he understands the value of a beautiful photo and strives to achieve his best work yet on every job he undertakes just to see the joy on his clients’ faces when they see the end product.

MSV Fotografía

This company offers a range of packages, so there’s a service to suit all budgets. With a firm commitment to their artistry, MSV are true professionals to whom detail is everything. They have over eight years of experience in the industry and have gone from strength to strength and now photograph not only in Guadalajara but also all over the world.

Jorge Kick

Renowned as one of the best photographers for miles around, Jorge Kick and his work have been featured in Bride Magazine UK, Fearless Photographers and Junebug Weddings. Professional in every sense of the word and passionate about his work, Jorge Kick is someone special. If we had to define him and his work in three words, it would be: creative, experimental and innovative.

Eduardo Dávalos Fotografía

If you are looking for someone with a natural yet original approach to photography then Eduardo is your man. He and his team pride themselves on using some of the best kit around combined with a passion for photography to make sure that you end up with the wedding album that you have always dreamed of. Importantly this company is incredibly good value for their services and are available to photograph the whole day from all the preparations through to the late night celebrations.

Rodrigo Chávez Wedding Photographer

Rodrigo is another one of the big names in wedding photography, and understands better than anyone, how important it is that you come away from your big day with an album full of photos that you can keep and treasure for many more years to come. Rodrigo is inspired by each and every one of his client’s love stories and bearing them in mind, aims to take highly original and personal shots, meaning you can enjoy your big day to the full, safe in the knowledge that Rodrigo has it all taken care of.

Alan Robles Wedding & Love Photographer

If you’re looking to limit the number of people you need to hire for your wedding then Alan Robles could be the answer! Like all of the photographers on our list, his top priority is to take stunning photos that transmit the romance and excitement of your wedding. However, this company is also able to offer a wide range of additional services such as pre-wedding photo shoots, photobooks, slideshows and a special ‘One day of love’ session.

Javier Mardueño Fotógrafo

Having discovered his passion and talent for photography at the age of 20, javier takes huge pride in his work and is a true professional, placing huge importance on his clientele, and always making sure that he is fulfilling their requests, by providing them with wonderfully artistic yet traditional photographs to serve as memories of their wedding day.

Photocity Studio

This company is made up of a small team of professionals who are always keen to experiment with new photographic styles and trends, meaning that you can guarantee that your wedding will be documented in the most authentic and original way possible. They are a highly versatile company and able to adapt to whatever kind of theme you have chosen for your wedding, whether it be traditional, casual or completely off the wall.

Alberto Martínez Photographer

Alberto aims to capture everything in as much depth and detail as possible, and more than anything he loves to photograph couples. His style is defined by its natural quality. His philosophy is to always make his subjects as comfortable and confident in front of the lens as possible, in order to get the best results every time.

Eduardo Alessandro Wedding Photography

Considered not only one of the best photographers in Guadalajara but also in Mexico, you may struggle to beat Eduardo Alessandro and his team. Although he has received a number of prizes for his work, he still claims that the greatest gift has been having the opportunity to photograph so many wonderful weddings.

Adán Martín

This professional stands out for his total and utter commitment to each of the job he undertakes. He will live every moment with you and make sure that no moment of your wedding goes undocumented. With his eye for the perfect shot and his wonderful sense of creativity, you know you can rely on Adán.

Cristina Civallero Fotografía

Cristina defines herself as a passionate and romantically-inspired photographer who is always keen to tap into the latest trends, and to learn as she works. Before becoming a professional photographer, Cristina worked in the wedding business so she knows how it all works, making her one of the most reliable photographers around!

Aura Studio

This company defines itself as the direct result of a lot of hard work and commitment to their creativity. They are also big believers that some of the best inspiration around can be found in the air at weddings, so you can expect something a little different from Aura Studio. If you’re looking for a company with an artistic flare, then Aura Studio may be just the ticket.

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