Going Unplugged: How to Have a Cellphone-Free Wedding Ceremony

A wedding day is stressful enough without having to worry about phones and social media. Check out our reasons why we think you should give the phones a miss on the big day.

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Living in the 21st century makes it almost nearly impossible to not use any form of technology for more than five minutes. Hence, why having an unplugged wedding ceremony is a foreign concept to many couples. However, before you strike the idea completely, consider the following pros of why having an unplugged wedding might actually be a good idea to implement on your wedding day.

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What you need to consider for an Unplugged Wedding:

1. Let People Know in Advance:


Gently advising your guests of your intentions of going unplugged in your invitations or wedding website allows for them to be informed ahead of time and understand what exactly an unplugged wedding is. Some people can become rather irate at being separated from their phones with no warning, and so it is rather more polite to let people know before they arrive. This also gives them the chance to appreciate just how nice a touch it is – a return to the romance of a wedding, instead of having it immediately plastered across social media!

Although some guests may not be fond of the idea of not being able to capture some memories for themselves, you can suggest the idea of having a post wedding watch party once the photos have been delivered to you. Gather around your closest friends and family, and you can share your wedding photos and video from the comfort of your own home. This is a great way to relive your special day. Then, you can share the photos on social media or on your wedding website for those who weren’t able to attend the watch party.

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock

2. How to Enforce It:

To further drive the message home, you can place a nicely decorated sign at the entrance of the ceremony venue reminding guests that they are entering an unplugged wedding. If you still feel that that is not enough, you can request that the officiant make a brief announcement before the ceremony to remind people not to use their smartphones during the service.

Every couple aims to create an intimate ambiance at their wedding ceremony, regardless of how big or small. While you are in the middle of saying your vows, you want as little background noise as possible. The last thing you want is for a guest’s phone to begin ringing in the middle of the ceremony. Or worse, your grandmother suddenly thinks she is the hired photographer and is unashamedly walking around, taking pictures of the entire ceremony with her cellphone. And yes, these scenarios can definitely happen. These are incidents that could undoubtedly ruin your special moment.

While it’s understandable for guests to want to get that first picture of you and your spouse saying “I Do,” it can also be distracting for others around them. Additionally, you may not even approve of the photos they post immediately on social media. Realistically, with a photographer on site, there really is no need for guests to be taking photos during the ceremony.

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3. Accept That There Are No 100% Guarantees:

Be aware that no mater how many times you ask, people will always forget or fail to consider your requests. With that in mind, it helps to be realistic about an unplugged wedding and conscious of the fact that photos of your wedding could still very well appear on social media networks or elsewhere without your consent. When dealing with people who have gone against your wishes, remember that politeness normally yields better results than aggression! Ask them nicely to remove the photos, and let them know again why you asked for phones to be removed from the wedding. Hopefully they will be understanding!

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Choosing to go unplugged will guarantee you a ceremony solely focused on what matters: the union of two people that love each other and the beginning of a lifetime of happiness together.

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