The six best wedding apps for the modern bride

If you're planning a 2014 or 2015 wedding, then it's time for you to use modern technology to help you out. Check out these top smartphone apps that we've found for you and stop worrying about what you're going to do for your big day!

  • Planning the wedding

Modern weddings make plenty of use of technology. If you’re looking for a dress, you will more often than not have checked models out online before heading out to the shop. And if you’re mobile, you will probably have downloaded a few wedding apps to search for your dream dress while you’re on the move.

There are loads of wedding apps that will help you plan your wedding, from picking out the engagement rings to choosing your bouquet or organising your guest list. And as we love technology, we’ve picked the Six Best Wedding Apps for the Modern Bride…

1. Zankyou

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Image: Zankyou

First comes our baby, the Zankyou app, which we launched just over a year ago. You can check your online wedding gift list on your smartphone and your guests can also download the app to download maps, directions and any other information about your big day. Ideal for uploading photos to your webpage in real time or sending out thank you notes after the wedding. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

2. Pinterest

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Image: Pinterest

One of the world’s favourite social networks, Pinterest is a must when planning a wedding, available for both Apple and Android. For lots of brides, the tool has replaced catalogues and scrapbooks, allowing you to pin your favourite and most inspiring images to help plan your wedding and share your ideas with your friends. You can also pin from your smartphone or tablet’s camera, making for perfect real-time wedding planning!

3. The Pronovias wedding app

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Image: Pronovias

Pronovias is the world’s best selling bridal firm. It has a flagship store in New York and an amazing collection of stores and distributors in the UK, luckily for you British brides. Its annual collection-launching catwalk show is one of the highlights of the bridal world, so it’s no surprise its bridalwear app is among the most downloaded. You can check out dresses, new designs, compare prices, organise your budget and even get make an appointment online. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

4. Tiffany

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Image: Tiffany

The Tiffany app is an amazing catalogue small enough for the palm of your hand. It lets you browse its collections of engagement rings and wedding bands, according to size, jewel type or carats. Feel just like Holly Golightly and stare through the virtual shop window until you get a ring of your own.

  • 5. Mary Kay
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Image: Mary Kay

You know the look we love at Zankyou – natural make-up that shows off your natural beauty without changing your face beyond (your partner’s) recognition. However, we think experimenting with colour and make-up or hair trends is a great way to find just the right look for you. So before you buy, why not try the free Mary Kay app, which lets you combine hair and make-up without having to even get dressed and leave the house!

  • 6. My Wedding Music
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Image: My Wedding Music

Ever been to a party without music? Or a wedding? Of course not! From walking in to the ceremony to signing the register to your first dance, music is a constant on your big day. And as the music is down to you and your choice, why not use the useful My Wedding Music app to make a playlist for your wedding day. Very useful, it lets you create the soundtrack to your day straight on your smartphone!

So do you have any other wedding apps that you’d like to recommend? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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