The Pros and Cons of having a Christmas Wedding

The Christmas Season: a time for laughter, joy and family. But is it the right time for your wedding? if you fancy getting hitched at this amazingly festive time of year, consider these pros and cons

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The Christmas Season: a time for laughter, joy and family. But is it the right time for your wedding?

This is something we all seem to disagree on. Some feel that the holiday season, for all it stands for, is exactly the time in which a ceremony of love and union should take place. On the other hand, Christmas stands as its own celebration; for some, adding a wedding into the mix can just be too much.

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So, if you’re considering tying the knot in a festive, seasonal manner, then here are some pros and cons to bear in mind.


1. Tis’ the Season to be Jolly

The general atmosphere surrounding this time is enough to persuade couples to opt for a Christmas wedding. Christmas is the season of goodwill, and unless you’re the Grinch, the joyful feeling is irresistibly contagious. Getting married at Christmas allows you to merge this festive feel with the most important celebration of your life.

2. Christmas time = SUCH Good Food

The holiday season is associated with rich and delicious food. Fact.

savePhoto: Subbotina Anna
Photo: Subbotina Anna

Guests, therefore, will be more open to stuffing their faces with the seasonal flavors on offer, because it’s just that time of year, right? Swap summer salads and barbecues for a herb-butter-roasted turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potato mash, brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, cheeses, and either salted caramel or pumpkin desserts. In winter, you can think of richer, darker, warmer and heartier menus to impress your guests.

3. It brings family and friends together

Everyone leaves time for their families during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a time to spend with everyone you are thankful for. At your wedding, this will create an atmosphere that is nothing less than special.

savePhoto: Lucky Business
Photo: Lucky Business

4. Winter weddings can be more creative

With a Christmas Wedding, you have the creative liberty to blend both festive and wintery vibes. Your possibilities for decoration and dress inspiration are enhanced by the beauty that comes with the season. Transform your venue into a winter wonderland: think white trees, sparkly candles, twinkly fairy lights, and icy low lighting. You can choose from the Thanksgiving palette of rich hues, and the majestic winter palette of pale tones.

Photo: Lousnina
savePhoto: Durham DUCK
Photo: Durham DUCK

Then we come to the dress, which will probably be the most extravagant you ever wear. You will want layers of fine tulle, lace or embroidery – but this may just feel like too much in summery weather. A winter wedding gives you the freedom to wear some ethereal lace sleeves or a chic, faux fur shawl.

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savePhoto 1: Alejandra Ortiz. Photo 2: Rosa Clará. Photo 3: Alison Conklin
Photo 1: Alejandra Ortiz. Photo 2: Rosa Clará. Photo 3: Alison Conklin

It’s a memorable time

Due to the above reasons, your wedding will be unforgettable. Family and friends have come together to enjoy amazing food, a joyful atmosphere, the season of thanks, and some creative, unrivalled, winter vibes on your wedding day. When the season comes around every year, your special day will always be associated with it!


1. It’s the most wonderful expensive time of the year…

Weddings are expensive at any time of the year. And while in summer, you are competing with all the other brides looking to snap up your same venue, caterer and photographer, in winter however, you are also competing with Christmas events, parties and balls. Prices tend to rise at this time, to say the least. Not to mention that Christmas present-buying puts a strain on most, so don’t expect guests to want to spend much on your wedding.

Photo: Micklefield Hall

2. For this reason, stress levels rise

Wedding planning is stressful. Christmas planning can be too. Combine them both? Don’t expect a very relaxing holiday season!

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3. The important dates in your annual calendar won’t be spread out

Your two favourite occasions, Christmas and your wedding, will be bunched up at the same time. So instead, spread out all the fun across the year. Anniversaries are a special time in their own right, so you will have more to look forward to throughout the year if you separate it from Christmas.

savePhoto: Maximka87
Photo: Maximka87

4. Availability of your loved ones

The fact that Christmas is a family time can also be a great disadvantage to the attendance levels at your wedding. Perhaps your guests usually go away during the festive season, or commit to certain family traditions that they would hate to sacrifice. You should be prepared to lose out on some key attendees due to having your big day at such a busy time.

5. The weather… need we say more?

White Christmasses, although magical, are generally rare. You are more likely to get rain. Unpredictable weather can increase stress levels and potentially ruin your photographs!

savePhoto: IVASHstudio
Photo: IVASHstudio

 Overall, with thorough planning and the presence of your nearest and dearest, your wedding will be perfect in any season. When it comes to Christmas weddings, you certainly do have as many benefits as you do cons. So, if you fancy getting hitched at this amazingly festive time of year, consider these points, ask your friends and family, and check the availability of your dream venue to really decide whether it’s meant to be!

Oh, and Happy Christmas!

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