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  • The Power of Chiara Ferragni - Global Wedding Trend Setter!

The Power of Chiara Ferragni - Global Wedding Trend Setter!

Do you want to know more about the power of influencers? Look no further. We look at the impact Chiara Ferrangi's wedding has had on the industry and explore the opportunities for brands thanks to bloggers and social media alike.

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Influencers are  a force to be reckoned with when it comes to starting new trends and setting the standard for aspirational weddings. As the followers of today’s society grow more and more loyal, they look to replicate aspects of their favourite icon’s wedding in their own nuptial event. The wedding of blogger Chiara and musician Fedez has been an authentic revolution as we are witnessing the ripple effect of one of the most followed weddings of the year, which was enjoyed throughout the world thanks to live streaming.

Her influence is being reflected through the demands of brides who are currently organising their wedding. Guillermo Fernandez-Riba, founder of Zankyou, explained, “This event has without a doubt been the biggest demonstration of globalization within the sector. Since her wedding on Septmeber 1st, both Zankyou providers and our virtual wedding planning assitants have been receiving hundreds of requests by brides to “copy” and customize their details to match the Chiara Ferragni’s wedding“.

“Each time a public figure gets married, especially influencers, this trend occurs – but in the case of Ferragni, there has been an exponential rate of impact. Internationally, we have seen that more than 47% of requests by brides for wedding providers have been related to the wedding event of the italian blogger,” Guillermo added.

This event has demonstrated once again the power of social networks in all sectors: fashion, beauty and of course, weddings. On her Instagram platform alone she has received 1,262,746,249 impressions – 14 times more than the hashtag of the worldcup (8.768.906 for #worldcup).

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Another interesting occurrence in the case of influencers’ weddings is how they have exchanged the roles between brands and bloggers/instagrammers/you tubers. Once it was the influencers who were in charge of seeking out brands, but now it’s the brands that compete to be chosen for just a one-day “guest” appearance with the influencer’s special audience. Their brand, hence, given the opportunity to be seen and analysed by the influencer’s wide following of potential users, journalists and others in the sector.

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There are so many opportunities for brands to gain international exposure nowadays, and appearing on influential platforms is a step in the right direction! For more information on how to gain international recognition, find out here.

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