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The Last Night Before the Big Day: The Checklist to Follow for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

Top tips to keep stress levels low the night before the big day. Prevent premature ageing and gray hairs in the run up to the happiest day of your life!

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The last night before your wedding is a heady cocktail of emotions: relief that all the plans are made and it’s all about you now, fear that your best laid plans may unfurl and, of course, excitement that you will finally walk down the aisle to marry the person of your dreams!

However, as you get to that night there’s one last thing you probably haven’t considered: if you’re spending the night at your venue or a hotel, your last unmarried night will be in a strange room that you’ve likely never seen before – and you definitely haven’t used for the most important preparation of your life.
So, you’ve sorted the dress, the vendors, the tables plan (and family politics), here’s how to make your final unmarried hours stress-free.

The Night Before

The key is to relax, feel comfortable and try to get a good night’s sleep.

Indulge in Some Bubbles

Once you’ve successfully slipped away from your friends and soon-to-be family for your “early night”, don’t let stress prey on you. Run yourself a hot bubble bath with a relaxing scent and let your tensions melt away… or at least slink into a distant corner of your chilled-out mind. Afterwards, bundle up in a fluffy towel, sip a chamomile tea and get ready to hit the hay.

Credits: Shutterstock, Ariwasabi

Eyes Closed, Ears Open

When you’re feeling restless, any chink of light can keep you up. Banish it with a sleep mask. However, unless you’re very sensitive to noise, don’t bring earplugs – the fear you won’t hear your alarm in the morning is one stress you just don’t need.

Comfort Food for your Mind

If all else fails and you can’t sleep, don’t get sucked into anxiously watching late-night shopping channels or tossing and turning. Fire up your tablet or laptop and relax with a classic, feel-good movie or episode of your favorite show. This is not the time to binge watch; it’s about taking a little time to soothe your soul with something light on the mind and heavy on the happy. Think Dirty Dancing, not Game of Thrones.

saveCredits:  Shutterstock, Goran Bogicevic
Credits: Shutterstock, Goran Bogicevic

The Big Day

Today is all about being organized and staying six steps ahead of any challenges that might happen. When there’s a photographer papping your every move and your room starts to feel like Grand Central Station, here’s what you need to maintain your swan-like grace.

Prepare to Have Not Slept

Yup, despite it all, you’ve had two hours of poor-quality sleep and your stomach’s butterflies are having butterflies. Worst of all, your eyes are carrying bags like there’s just been massive sale at the Sleepless Night Store’s Puffy Face department. Banish the bags with a cooling eye mask that you handily popped in the minibar fridge the night before.

Credit: Shutterstock, Levent Konuk

Organize Your Accessories

With so much jewelry floating around for your pre-, during and post- wedding activities, keep your looks sharp and easy to manage by bringing separate jewelry boxes, pre-packed with all your accessories for each part of the event. It’ll be simple for you to store in the hotel safe, find what you need and will make for a great photo later with your new ring on top.

Build Your Own Salon

Whether you’re getting ready on your own or with your bridesmaids, the last thing you want to deal with is the room’s crumby lighting or having to juggle your hair dryer, straighteners, curling wand and phone charger on one socket. If you’ve got professional stylists coming, they’ll be on top of this but if you’re running the show, bring power extension cables, a free-standing mirror you trust and a spare light – office style anglepoise lamps are great for adjusting into all positions. But don’t forget the classics: needle, thread, and safety pins (they’re classics for a reason).

saveCredits:  Our Labor of Love
Credits: Our Labor of Love

Hire a Bouncer

One well-wishing family member dropping by is nice. Two’s a crowd. Three’s a nightmare. Keep interruptions to a minimum with a well-versed bridesmaid who can politely turn people away, take messages and usher people on. Though the typical choice for this role is the maid of honor, it’s not always the best use of her time to help you. Try to choose a bridesmaid with a smaller role in the wedding, preferably a family member or someone who knows your relatives so she can handle everyone with a smile and keep them moving.

savePhoto via Shutterstock - IVASHstudio
Photo via Shutterstock – IVASHstudio

So there are our tips for a stress-free wedding day. Preparation is key, so winding down the day before the big day is a fantastic idea. Remember, you’re supposed to actually enjoy your wedding day so don’t let the panic and stress get you down. People want to see you succeed, not fail on your wedding day. So keep calm and carry on like you’re getting married!

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