The history of wedding favors – a look at tradition

Sugared Almonds - Wedding Favour

You may have a whole collection of trinkets at home that were given to you as gifts when you were guests at a wedding. Nowadays, wedding favors are becoming increasingly more original, as brides and grooms give personalized presents to their guests that can range from miniature bottles of fine wine to hand-made Christmas stockings.

Zk Magazine will take you on the weird and wonderful road of funky wedding favors in the near future, but first, let’s look back at where the whole things comes from. After all, almost everything in a wedding has its root in tradition and wedding favors are no different.

Giving gifts at weddings is nothing new and favors began as a reflection of the happy couple’s desire to pass on their good luck to their guests. Perhaps one of the most typical and most traditional wedding favors are the five sugared almonds (or Jordan almonds) in a bag.

The almonds, which replaced the original bombonnieres (small boxes with sugar cubes or sweet things in them) are not only a sign of luck however. The five nuts that are usually given as a favor are symbols of the couple’s hopes for fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity, and in Italy Jordan almonds are still a typical wedding favor.

Could five Chupa Chups be the modern day version of sugared almonds?

If you’re not into sugared almonds, you could always bear the five traditional hopes in mind and reflect them in your own favors, accompanied by an explanatory note.

Or why not define your own five hopes for your future and use them as an inspiration for your favors?

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