The first dance - an essential part of your party

The First Dance

There are so many stories about first dances. Just cast your mind back and try and remember the weddings you’ve been to. Perhaps you had a couple who did a perfect tango, or a bride and groom who head-banged all the way through their favourite rock song.

The first dance is, perhaps, your greatest opportunity to add that personal touch to the wedding. In terms of songs, the world’s your oyster, so get thinking!How to choose the first dance:

  • Talk to your partner. Do you have a song? If you do, great! If you don’t, prepare to negotiate!
  • Think back to times when you’ve been together. Are there any songs that remind you of a great night out, a holiday or days in the car with the radio on?
  • Scan your ipods. Do you have matching songs? If so, make a list and choose one.
  • You don’t have to go for traditional songs – choose something that means something to you, even if it’s one that will simply make you laugh!

Once you’ve chosen the song, don’t forget:

  • If you have a live band, check out whether they can play your song, or if not, ask them to make some suggestions.
  • Make sure you’ve prepared a CD. You don’t want to be left standing still on the dance floor!
  • Ask staff at the venue to turn down the lights – good if you’re feeling embarassed and great for smooching!
  • If you’re worried about being stuck on the dancefloor alone, just ask some friends to join in half way through.

Remember, the first dance is part of wedding protocol. It’s your job to open the dancefloor for the rest of the night, so don’t be surprised if your guests remain seated until you’re done strutting your stuff.

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