The Case for a Wedding Timeline: Just DO It!

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Let’s face it, your wedding day may be filled with LOTS of activity. Scratch that. It WILL be filled with activity, no matter how low key you desire it to be.

Even if you aren’t a ‘planner’ the bottom line is you’ll need to have some wedding logistics nailed down before you get hitched! I am NOT just saying this because I am maybe OCD when it comes to weddings, I am saying it because having a timeline MATTERS….

A very common mistake among many brides-to-be is failing to recognize this fact. Putting a timeline together can be a lot of work, but you’ll be so thankful you did it in the end! I am not asking that you plan every moment of your wedding weekend (guilty as charged), but knowing what vendors are supposed to be where and when, where you want your bridesmaids and mom to meet for getting ready, how to get your trolley driver to the remote hotel your guests are staying at, when your photo both is expected at the reception site, and who is picking up great aunt Lily and at what time are NOT details you want to be figuring out on your wedding day. (I could barely type that sentence without being confused…)

All your family, vendors, groomsmen and bridesmaids will LOVE being informed. GoogleDocs has a GREAT template that is FREE to use and even easier to handle for a wedding timeline. Having a timeline is even MORE important if you don’t have someone managing your details that day (a whole another blog –why you should have a wedding planner….coming soon!).

Let’s face it, NO ONE wants to remember that Aunt Lily is sitting on the bench in front of her house waiting for a ride, as they are marching down the aisle….

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